the gearlust thread part deux: post your GAS


I've spent two full days researching mechanical 60% keyboards. whats wrong with me.

Understandable. Check out Happy Hacking 2, awesome key action.


Nektar Panorama 4, arghh…

the price for that Neutron is indeed very attractive. But i fear that it wont last for long. Behringer is not known for quality builds and if i use it heavily and would have to exchange it every other month because somethings broken: i would bite me in the ass :-)

I dunno. I have their DM12 and Model D. Built like tanks to be fair.


I’ve seen DM12 in a store. It survived assaults by the hordes of consumers admirably, but the keys and sliders do feel very nooddly after all the abuse. Like, there is no resistance to whatever you do. I haven’t tried it new, but I assume it’s a bit more solid by default.

This would be an awesome statistic to gather. Which synthesizers can survive the showroom the longest.


oh no…I saw a video of the Polyend Seq. I can’t get it out of my head now…oh no…