This site needs a favicon.

So it looks pretty next to MW & liiiiiiiiiines, both of which have cool favicons.


Nice idea.
Maybe something like these (taken from the OP-1 manual)

I’d vote CWO head, or finger monkey head.

Yeah beefinator great idea !
Something like this ?

I like the beefinator, although all of these are cool.

Who runs this place? I just made the suggestion, I don’t actually know who to contact to make it happen.

Hmm maybe @yoof or @KrisM

Hehe, nice idea. @dimi3 is the main administrator of the actual website. I think he would be best placed to set that up.

Happy to help theme the site, plan on spending a lot of time here now I’ve finally bought in again.

Threw this together really really quickly. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s the drummer monkey face on in three sizes as one favicon.


Edit: Looks like .ico is a disallowed filetype to upload :stuck_out_tongue:

@hrrsn try to post a png :slight_smile:

@quarantequatre Good point. Here’s a preview of the largest size embed in the previously attached .ico file.

If you guys send me a link to one people agree on I will happily add it.

i like the monkey favicon

If anyone has any other element of the OP-1 they’d like to see as a fav icon just let me know and I’ll knock it out.

That’s my favorite!

Here are the monkey and the colored knobs.
Didn’t transformed the synth, drum, tape, mix buttons atm

I added the synth and tape

added 32x32 versions