Tiny mixer for tabletop jams!

So I was tired of trying to find a small passive mixer for casual battery powered jams, so I designed my own, actually 2 versions but the other one hasn’t arrived yet. Anyway this one is a 4 channel mono mixer, smaller than an iphone, but not too fiddly to use, if anyone is interested in buying one they are £29 plus shipping to forum buddies, 9 available, shipping charged at cost. Here is a pic

Oh forgot to mention the other version is 6 stereo channels but no level controls, I’ll post details and a pic when they arrive.

I’m interested in the 6 channel badboy, keep me, erm, posted!

Nice. You’re just all sorts of busy with electronics lately.

Yeah got quite a few bits coming out, always starts with something I need/want then make a few up to sell, if I was a better coder though I’d be dangerous, or something lol.

Damn. That might be closer to what I’m needing lately. I’m getting too many of these little 1/8"/3.5mm boxes right after I bought an 8 channel 1/4" passive mixer!

Nice one. Just have ordered a bunch of components for various projects. Mainly to learn electronics. A mixer is one of the first things I intend to do =)

Not knowing too much in forehand I ordered a bunch of 10k potentiometers. What resistance did you use here? (maybe a trade secret?)

Also, do you have any suggestions for good websites/forums about diy music stuff?

^ Yes 10k is generally best for passive mixing, no trade secrets here :slight_smile:

Damn. That might be closer to what I'm needing lately. I'm getting too many of these little 1/8"/3.5mm boxes right after I bought an 8 channel 1/4" passive mixer!

Ha, yes what with Patchblocks, PO’s (whenever they arrive!) Volcas, OP1 etc these mixers are handy just for setting up quick and jamming, this one will also serve purpose as a CV mixer too on occassion :slight_smile:

Here is the stereo version - even tinier 5cm x 5cm, 6 stereo channels. If anyone on the forum wants one £29 plus shipping, PM me if interested.

Free bump, check your inbox @darenager

awesome! @darenager

maybe iam in. :slight_smile:

Just want to say I have bought one of the stereo 6 mixers from @darenager and it was a pleasure doing business with him. Excellent quality device, fast despatch and delivery, recommend to anyone!
Cheers Daren

@Beardyjack I second that, received mine yesterday, Mucho thanks @darenager

Thanks very much guys, glad you are liking them :slight_smile:

Would you be interested in posting the schematics/pcb layout? Looks like it might be a fun DIY project, but I understand if you want to keep that proprietary.

@borden, just Google passive stereo mixers and you’ll find schematics and step by step guides :wink:

But you’ll never get as compact as darengers, if you don’t make your own pcb that is

Another handy use for them, the mono one can be used to mix CV, and the stereo one can also be used as a sync distributor - very handy for PO’s as it means you do not have to have them all going thru one output with the annoyances that that brings, here is a vine showing it https://vine.co/v/OQgAxiOWddq

just stumbled at this:


80 bucks, so +1 for daren!

Heh, cool.