Tiny mixer for tabletop jams!

just stumbled at this:

80 bucks, so +1 for daren!

i just saw that featured on synthtopia: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2015/03/02/gmix-minimal-4-channel-stereo-mixer/#more-62374

@darenger, you should get in touch!


^ @aswefallintostatic Thanks for the link, I just posted a link to this thread in the comments, awaiting moderation though :slight_smile:

Well looks like they did not approve my comment, oh well.

lol weak. EAFD Synthtopia.

TBH I am kind of used to it, I designed a midi interface for the Monotribe a fair while before the “amazing machines” one, it was cheaper and offered midi out (at the time theirs was only midi in) I tried to get some publicity for it after seeing the AM one was quite a bit more for a much simpler product, but not one blog would post it, I’m guessing due to AM taking out advertising.

Back to the mixer linked above, it appears that there are no additional resistors after each input pot, if that is indeed the case then I would not recommend it.

nice work on these, would you ship to the US. That is, if you have any left.

nvm realized im dumb.

@Kites - sure I’ll ship to US, which version the 4ch mono or 6ch stereo?

Hey @darenager, you still have those 6ch stereo ones? I’d love to have one! I live in Finland.

@vehka sure, PM me your email addy :slight_smile:

What would you suggest for the POs, OP-1’ and a volca?

@Kites - personally I think the stereo 6 channel version is more suitable for those instruments, the mono one has the advantage of the level controls, but it is easy enough to set the levels on the PO’s to get the balance right and the OP1 and Volcas have their own volume controls, plus the stereo version can also be used in reverse as a clock distributor - which is very handy with the PO’s as running them into each other is not IMHO ideal.

Cool, I’ll definitely let you know when I’m ready to pop. Any DIY cases you have in mind?

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^ lol but he has prettier hair :slight_smile:

Cool, I'll definitely let you know when I'm ready to pop. Any DIY cases you have in mind?

My first thought was to sandwich it between two pieces of acrylic/perspex, but actually it is a pretty sturdy little thing so no real need for a case, it has 4 non slip feet on the bottom so it does not slide around. Also each jack has 5 solder points and 4 plastic lugs securing them to the board so they are not likely to come off.

I really like the casing on the bastl trinity devices. Simple and stylish. Maybe a case in that style could rise your price for those who want a more premium product.

Or you could go the TE PO route =)

Edit: not saying that you product isn’t premium already :wink:

Sounds clumsy proof darenager, well done. Personally, I want to be cautious, because I’ve been known to spill stuff on electronics. It’s been a little scary owning the POs too (already dropped one). Plus I just feel like casings make the products look more complete, aesthetics/design wise. Hmm… just wish I had access to a laser cutter these days. blah.

My 6 ch mixer arrived the other day, it’s tiny but perfect for pulling in all those noise making items I’ve got hanging about. While I’m waiting for the POs to arrive I may well be attaching my Patchblocks to this little beauty!

Thanks again darenager

^ Thank you and glad you are happy!