New TE field tape recorder


I wonder if it is designed to stack the TX-6 on top?


what features are you hoping/expecting it will have?

im actually hoping it has some of the basic features of the tx-6 so i swap it for one

is there a link?

good question- since tx-6 just does very very basic recording of files in sequence, and simple playback, i’d love a device that is better at organizing, naming, rearranging, trimming, and whatever other utilities there are for a handy swiss-army knife recorder. op-1/f is also not good at real archiving and retrieval of audio material.

overdub would be good, all the basic cut, paste, copy, delete stuff. would actually love something like the pocket operator punch in effects for fun.

but i guess ultimately i’d like to have multi-channel playback… so in essence it can turn into a stem player like they originally designed for ye.

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those are good points; i barely even considered all of the recorder utility features this could have that are lacking in both the op-1f and tx-6

i do hope it is a more playful take on the field recorder though, as I think there is a major gap in the market for a device like this among all the zooms and tascams that can be quite tedious and clunky to navigate

So im looking forward to all the wacky tape features and effects (punch in effects would be really fun!) that im sure they will try to include
but also what else they will add as i suspect itll be priced similarly to the tx-6

I dont know too much about the stem player but i did always see the tx-6 as evolution of that device…i think the tp-7 will have multitrack audio channels but it’ll be interesting to see if they will also have sliders like the te stem player/tx-6


i thought that’s coming as Update for the Tx 6 tho :football:

So the device filing is mostly for antenna & labeling by government radio authorities (FCC, etc), therefore we see minimal device interface elements, like the front side or those interesting physical shapes that differ from the TX-6 profile.

The thing that interests me the most is what first looks to me like a clip on the side of the device from the back view, like those on inline remotes for minidisc or early generation ipods. But then I think about the Playdate that TE designed, and I wonder if this is a play head speed and/or direction controller, as a maybe a spring loaded paddle. The antenna detail top view shows the hinge resembles something like a laptop or even the GBA SP hinge with uneven interlocking fingers.

One might be able to “scratch” or do tape stop/reversals while recording or playback, not unlike some of the OP1 tape controls. Having that as an external device in the palm would be quite freeing from the already light OP1 family.

Also interesting to me is what appears to resemble the Frekvens and OPZ volume control on the top of the device along with USBC and three 1/8 jacks. If this also serve power on like the OPZ, then I thing the side buttons make a lot more sense given my nature to Sleep my wife’s phone when she wants to show me a meme. The B and A buttons likely for setting loop points, functions similar to the I and II buttons of the TX-6, minimal protrusions on the front face (visible from the side view diagram) I doubt this is a mixer or complete TX-6 replacement, as there are zero pots or channel sliders.

Where the power switch is on the TX-6, the TP-7 diagram shows a longer and shallower detail, likely another button. Perhaps this is a Record Arm or other frequent utility button.

There is only one face detail we can see, and it’s likely a button given it’s size and shallowness. From the top view in the antenna detail, we see there is a second detail next to it, so a row of two buttons. I like the idea of a non-touch interface, so here’s hoping.

I would love for a palm-sized dedicated field recorder with a built in mic as well as a line in or TRRS jack such as for headset, the TRRS M-1 microphone, etc. I’ve been looking at old Sony Cassette Field Recorders with envy, but never pulled the trigger because while magnetic tape and analog VU Meters are a valid and beautiful aesthetic, they aren’t for me.

The body looks incredibly similar to the TX-6, but I don’t see how it would intuitively snap on or piggy-back onto the mixer.


really great post; you noticed alot of the small details just from the those two fcc pics~ i have some further comments/speculation bouncing off your observations;

This was my first thought, i think its a paddle that goes back and forth as a tape playhead transport control. Think the arrow keys on the op-1 or the tape reel on ob-4.

This is my dream feature and if it could do this then I might sell my ob-4. being able to change playhead position while still recording would make this an live audio buffer style recorder like the ob-4, which is something no others field recorders or op-1 can do.

Yeah it is the volume/power control design they have for ob-4/op-z/frekvens and i think it makes sense for a recording device like this, versus the digital only control on the tx-6

Almost certain that this is the case; im really hoping they are easy and smooth to press (not clicky) like the I and II buttons because they are alot smaller then those. Also hope there is no latency in setting the loop points in practice, ive experienced that with other field recorders

Regarding the front panel which we have no real details on except those two buttons, im already abit iffy about their functions because those 2 buttons look really small, (even smaller than tx-6 shift button ) will have to wait and see what their purpose/function is. Im still unsure how they will approach the front interface since it does seem like there is no knobs/sliders…but other than a touchscreen (which i would also really dislike and doesnt seem like TEs style tbh) what other possible navigational control options will there be? This is the biggest question mark for this device as the only other thing i can think of that are flat are op-z style dials.

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From the A and B letters on the button, I imagined the side-A and side-B of a tape.

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by the looks of it, this is the not front of the TP-7 based on what we can tell from the information so far:


it’ll be interesting to see how the TP-7 compares to the new Critter & Guitari multi-tracker, which has a very similar form-factor as the tx-6

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This looks like a pocket Ob-4. Very interesting.

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I’m still hoping this it the tape part of the OP-1 taken to the next level.

Though hope’s fading …

But it’s still there :slight_smile:

seems like the CM-15 is the mic for the TP-7?

Yeah this really changes what i thought the TP-7 would be; a field recorder/mic combo

Now it makes more sense why its called ‘TP-7 Audio Recorder’ on the document…

Now wondering if the TP-7 will even have a built preamp or will it be a purely digital recorder without a mic

Tbh im not super digging the field idea of having a separate device for mixing/mic/recording but im still happy they will all function as usb audio interfaces

Now i really need this to be the other thing they announced at superbooth…

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this isnt a coincidence…

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GREAT point!!! well spotted from the user manual. this image is not in the map of use cases on the website.

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So, it’s here now: TP–7.

It looks fabulous. I wonder how well it functions as a multitracker (in practice)? There’s no visual aid for scrubbing, it seems. The price is classic TE – take what you think it realistically costs, and add 50%. =) =)

Still, I sooo want it.

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