I’m not sure I’d keep it in a pocket that has other stuff or is tight… the rocker seems sturdy, but the power/volume knob feels a bit “iffy” to me… better than the OP-Z version… but would still be worried about it breaking… regardless definitely a jacket pocket has been fine, the memo button is quite fast for capturing something momentary that you want to capture without turning the whole device on.

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i walk around my house with it in my pocket. its similar to an iPhone in the sense that if you dont have a case on it, you will get cosmetic scratches if it rubs against your house keys etc.

but if its just in a pocket, assuming it doesnt fall out onto kitchen floors or outside etc, it will be totally fine. i disable the motor when im listening while its in my pocket otherwise my movements will sometimes move the motor during playback.

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im still new to the tp7 but my primary use cases are:

  • interviews
  • paired with the cm15 to record my free improv guitar practice in extremely high quality. i used to just put my phone on voice memo to capture these, and out of 2+ hrs id get maybe 30 seconds of really nice material, but then having to recreate the vibe later sometimes cause the idea to die a little bit. now with this setup, those 30s or so are good to drop right into a production and further development. its amazing in that regard.
  • paired with tx6 to record and perfect performances in all 6 stereo tracks ahead of time and then being about to reperform them later on without the need to freak out that i need to recreate every little change/segment perfectly.

Nice! This is helpful - I would definitely use it to record ideas with the cm-15 writing on the guitar and piano!

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welp, well, the one tp-7 i kept from my original order, which had a dead silent motor wheel upon arrival has now developed the same noise as the others. its on the whole very quiet and only audible when you put your ear up to it or are in a very quiet setting, but it does come through on internal mic recordings and this isn’t such a huge deal, but what troubles me is it even comes through on some of my cm15 recordings in a very quiet environment when the cm15 is a few feet away. its def quiet, but i was hoping this noise, however normal, wouldn’t affect external mic recordings…i managed to complete my interview project already before this noise started so no worries on that front, but i was hoping the noise wouldn’t come back so quickly after not that much use (some fun dj style scratching while making tracks at home and the like).

te support did confirm this is normal initially so i guess it was inevitable. this is what they said:

thank you for contacting us!

the clicking sound that you hear is due to the moving parts inside the bearing mechanism facilitating the rotation of the wheel. as the TP–7 is a mechanical device, this is completely normal, and it can change with use!

if this characteristic sound is unwanted in your recordings, you can turn the motor off (enter the menu>motor>spin the wheel to X).

if you notice any problem not related to the audible moving parts, feel free to get back to us!

so im quite convinced that anyone who says theirs is “quiet” who has actually used the device for some amount of time now is just not listening closely enough. for example, and just for the sake of information sharing, @instantjuggler perhaps im mistaken but do you have a very long review of the tp-7 on youtube? if so, i heard this very “noise” during that demo when i listened to it. so even though you have stated here that yours is “quiet”, it is indeed quiet, but not “silent” and still (seems to) suffer from this same “noise” issue i and others have complained about.

here is a vid of what my motor sounds like when its just on, honestly the iphone mic doesnt really pick it up but it is audible if you listen closely you’ll hear a bump/pop/click sound once per cycle:

one thing that i think helps portray the state of the motor wheel is using the rocker, so here is a quick video of it, let me know other tp-7 owners out there if your rocker sounds like this when ffd/rwd. thanks!

(ps just click the small thumbnail at the bottom to select to view in browser instead of download)

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Yours is actually pretty quiet. I’ve tested 3 different units and only one of them made as little noise as yours when using the rocker.


I can confirm that mine does not have that clicking noise but the previous 2 units did. I personally think they’re just getting better at passing these manufacturing defects as normalities.

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thanks for chiming in. i think you are right. unfortunately.

curious, how long have you had your current unit and what kind of usage has it seen since you got it?

June of last year.

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One thing that I think it’s missing in a multitrack recorder like this and that could be easily implemented in a future upgrade is the option to arm record a track, and start recording as soon as a certain threshold level is reached. I’m having problems to synchronise recordings without this feature. If I want to record different tracks one by one and improvise over each track with the same tempo, I could send a control sound to start every single track and have them all synchronised if the arm record function is implemented. Or have a midi CC message or a note press to start recording just like the arm record feature in the OP-1.


I had a similar idea about the TX6, Having the 4 tracks on the op1 go to 4 tracks on the TX6.
I ordered my tp7 and when i tried it there was this clicking sound getting picked up, quite bad too.
I got an email back from TE saying it’s a feature not a bug.
I sent the tp7 back a few days ago, and i just purchased a new unit. I’ve spoken to a few that have the noise issue, one even got a replacement for it, so it’s obviously a bug. TE also said the noise can or will change over time, giving you that authentic analog feel. Hopefully the new unit will work better.

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ie; it will get worse over time so get used to it.


in regards to quiet vs. silent… perhaps you are right- yes there is a very slight mechanical noise when the motor is turning. however, i believe am generally more referring to people who have an intermittent clicking that follows the revolution of the wheel for every cycle. i have seen TE customer service try to pass off any sort of glitching or clicking that follows the revolution of the wheel as some sort of analog charm. its not. there’s no way at all the device is supposed to work like that. and in the 2 devices i had, there was absolutely no click or glitch that was periodic. overall in regards to that type of flaw, i would say that my unit is “quiet.” but sure, it it literally without 100% mechanical noise when the wheel turns? no. i can hear an ever so soft faint hum when i hold it up to my ear as the wheel turns. i should also point out that my hearing is generally bad and fully acknowledge the “noise” could be louder to other people’s ears. to that end, i have not heard the noise in my recordings for example…


definitely. there should not be a click. i think they are too ambitious with the tp7 motor. they can’t afford to toss or reprocess umpteen devices like apple and yamaha. i love my tp7, i can hear the noise but it’s so quiet that it doesn’t effect any of my actual uses of the thing.

if one day they can release tp7 that’s dead quiet and improved id sell mine and upgrade but not counting on that