Ultimate OP 1 stand?

This looks nice! -Not cheap but not crazy money either.....

'There aren't many objects that could visually compliment Teenage Engineering's OP-1 popular synthesizer. But Mixingtable's beautiful new wooden stand does so perfectly.'


Ordered! Excellent find @Patch

Yeah right? Totally GASing for it :slight_smile:
@skintechnician could you tell us what you think about it when you’ll receive it??

Just can’t put out $95 for it right now but totally love it! Bookmarked and hopefully still available when I do have the cash.

Coming up as 69Euros here. 30% discount.


very nice. that’s a well decent price too.

love that stand!

Yeah I am pretty tempted

We often joke on this forum that the op1 needs wood cheeks. This seems as close as we will ever get. Looks very ergonomic and will blend very nicely into my studio!

Some of their other products look super sleek. That MacBook pro stand makes me want a MacBook lol! To bad desktops are so cheap…

Anyhow I purchased one of these stands really looking forward to it! My mini op1 moog model D! Lol.


@squirrels_on_crack now that’s neat!

I’ve heard wood cheeks warm up the sound quite a bit. Really change the timber of it. Or was that timbre?

@squirrels_on_crack homemade stand ? wicked !

@DJ2D Yes, i made it right after i got my op-1 some years ago. It took me quite some effort as i am no woodworker :wink: Its made out of some old ship planks i found in our basement, so i guess its mahogany.

I caved, I bought one! Nice guy. A bit more than I wanted to spend but it’s a nice design.

I recently made some rack boxes for my studio recently out of some inexpensive pine after an exhaustive search for something affordable.

Same goes for the OP-1, just not a lot of the right things out there made for it, nice to see someone building for it!

Ordered - It kept coming up on FB and IG as targeted adverts… Well it worked!

I broke down and purchased the mixing table stand.

Anyone get theirs yet? His last email said shipping was going to be March 28 for me.

Anyone get theirs yet? His last email said shipping was going to be March 28 for me.

Not yet! Mine was supposed to ship on March 25.