Unable to copy file to tape using MTP on macOS

Has anyone been successful in transferring a WAV to tape? My transfer crashes every time. I’m also confused by the readme in the folder. It says:

this folder accepts 44100 Hz 32-bit PCM stereo .wav files.
watch out: 32-bit float does not work!

Is there a 32-bit wav that isn’t float? :smile:

I’ve tried both 16-bit and 32-bit stereo wav exports from Ableton.

macOS 12.3
field-kit 1.0.2 (53)
op-1 field 11.6

It’s a known issue OP-1f doesn’t play well with Ableton bc of the float issue. Gonna have to export from Ableton then throw it into something like audacity to convert it again.


Yes, there are 32bit files that are not float. You’ll need to convert them to 32bit integer outside of Ableton. I had the same problem with Assimil8or and didn’t realise 32bit integer existed.

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You can always record over usb onto tape and avoid all the file exporting/converting.

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