Upgraded OP-Z

Okay, we got an upgraded OP-1, we got a bunch of cool new stuff like a microphone and mixer, and we just got a kickass and affordable upgraded Pocket Operator. Anyone that’s owned and enjoyed the workflow of the OP-Z knows that an updated version would be incredible. Just an aluminum chassis and multitrack audio out over USB would be enough for me to splurge on it. I know it’s only like 5 years old, but it could be soooooo goooooooood. Sorry this is just me venting. More synth engines and storage for samples would be amazing, I think the current app is plenty enough for a screen, and if project files from the current OP-Z could be loaded on the new one, I’d make a mess in my pants. Any other features you’d like on the OP-Zx?


I know I’ve seen people mention they’d like to get more precise in note editing. Like have multiple “pages” or “zoom levels” of the grid instead of one step having several, uneditable notes on it.

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There is a new OP-Z!?

Unfortunately no, I’m just fantasizing about one and asking what features other people would like to see in it.

i’ve been thinking about this lately too! would it be blasphemy to want a screen where the blank space is where the modules go?

I think the app is very adequate tbh. I like the screenless workflow it has, but can see the desire for one with less hassle.

Heyja … just got here …

been wanting to get a OP-Z since release, held off. Due to no midi I/O (I’m all hardware)

once midi expansion came out the sum price along with reports of issues where enough to steer me /and likely a huge group (my guess 50%) of potential buyers from purchasing

now a few years later I’ve been searching for a portable solution and I’ve cycled every groove box land outhere, high and low…And nothing comes close to the OP-Z in terms of portability ,creative power and flow … not to mention the underestimated visual control … TE should make a small light rig to include, visual projector + fader/remote control to complete the rig

So I’ll say this, if a field version is far away my wote is just release the OP-Z as V2 with updated body/quality components, update FX, synth engines (granular, + drum synth would be ace) and stereo sound thats all thats be needed … (I will squeeze in that a 2nd FM range LFO wouldn’t hurt for a the decade proof release :wink:

There’s little to nothing competing with this (there are some mini workstations out there) but they do not delivering this creative flow and features… nor does the new Yamaha in anyway touch it…
Perhaps add the sample playback quality from the EP133ko mk2 for proper next level …

Really it isn’t too far from perfect, … obviously a craft of passion … don’t need no field version just update the body and fidelity as it is, I mean its a superstar that fits in thy chest pocket 8)

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op-z field wish list:

  1. fix double trigs / popping encoders / durability
  2. multitrack export
  3. expand sample memory dramatically
  4. velocity sensitive keys
  5. 4 tracks of audio in-sync with sequencer
  6. a very tiny screen to replace the color coded leds
  7. a few extra buttons to decrease combo shortcuts

I think that the above ^ are great :+1:

My emphasis would be on velocity keys and a screen, even a small one. Would love to have the screen to make some of the deeper functions have better feedback like the master chord transpose, etc.

I also think I’d add stereo sampling to the list, b/c why not?

Last, in the vein of resampling, I thought it could be cool if they made a stereo audio track, so you could go to that track, select what tracks you wanted to route to this audio track, and record tracks direct to that audio buffer. This would inch the Z one step closer to the op-1 too.

It could be used for audio bouncing to free up tracks for sequencing more stuff (like if you nail down your drums and they’re taking up 4 tracks you could bounce them to this audio buffer)
Could also implement cool features like the tape track where you can cut/mangle that audio and even sequence those cuts, so it would be really fun on the drum example b/c you’d essentially be sampling and chopping your own beat.

I think it’s just an expansion of the tape track idea, but a little more robust. I’d like to keep the existing tape track too if possible b/c it can be fun as a performance effect

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I will respectively say, the OP-Z already has a screen and it’s in your pocket. Your phone has a larger screen than any they’d put in the hardware. The app has worked flawlessly for me and I’ve seen little to no complaints.
I totally understand the desire for a screen, but the ingenuity of the workflow + the app render a built in screen an unnecessary expense imo. I honestly love not NEEDing a screen and just vibin, but having one if I want it.


Ah the monthly OP-Z field thread…
Sorry guys, TE is busy going down the AI rabbit hole with the R1…looks like they sourced too many of these OG-1 screens and finally found a solution to get rid of them…

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Nice design concept


That looks sick af… although i prefer the flat encoders for one-finger operation. And why not use the empty area for the screen? So it’s still visible when using the buttons on top.


I agree regarding the encoders, but I also prefer just about everything about the original design. I like the tiny screen in the top left though. A large screen in the empty area would remove all the negative space, cluttering the design. Function over form, that space may be needed for the internals.


i couldn’t wait

I don’t think an upgraded op-z is coming anytime soon

The op-z is my new favorite piece of music gear over all other things

I like it so much that I almost am hesitating on ordering my op1f in two weeks

But I see they can be used together and the op-z sequencing can be sent to the op1f

Plus they have different workflows and I love the op-z a lot man

Like I can see the op-z being a daily used thing especially for getting ideas down quickly whereas the field will be when I really want to lay down a track

Teenage engineering is definitely the most unique and dare I say best in the business .

Except for the double trigger problems this thing is nearly perfect


I just wish we could export stems and midi. That’s all I really want. To me, it’d be perfect

stem exporter GitHub - BKLronin/underbridge: Multitrack exporter for OP-Z

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I’ve seen and used this with inconsistent results. May probably be due to my own incompetence, but the OP-1 just makes it so easy in comparison.