USB (BITCHIN) am i fucked ?

so seems after 4 hours i am still waiting for the god damn usb to work .well apart from charging!!! its stoped working with my KENTON first (shocking ) so i plug it with 3,4 cables to 2 different laptops and quess what… NADA . DOES IT DO THE AMY WHINEHOUSE SINGALONG ? AM I FUCKED? HELP PPPPPPPPP

Could be broken output board, you can get them from ifixit and it is a very simple repair.

I checked the european IFIXIT supplier its OK not bad 50 euros is not that bad if thats it, but line out line in and usb (as charging port )works so its strange .eitherway ya think from your experience that could be that the output board needs replacement hey? i mean its a sign of that and not of dsp processor/ battery or something more delicate and more expensive (i hate expensive solutions ).i can hardly sleep really i am pissed of by not knowing what could be . @ darenager you had a similar signs man ?

have you tried the options in hold COM on startup?

yes passed all apart from FORMAT which i am hesitant as could possibly leave me with a bricked OP-1

This situation was reported before here or on the old ohpeewon site. I can’t be totally sure, but I think changing the I/O board did not help, it had to be shipped back to TE.

no no no i wont i dont i am not sending anything i am fucked thank you OUZO POWER

@punji I was hoping just hoping you didnt say that . no really i am not so well established ( my bank acount and religion beliefs eguals 0)

this sport of repairs even my car wont see. i will keep on with what i ve got straight on

and now the sport news

I feel your pain… from where I live I can’t ship mine either, so I hope it will take long to fail.

It may still worth a try replacing the I/O board, just don’t hold your breath…

thanks anyway

When i got my op1, the USB wouldn’t mount as a drive on may computer. Tried to format and I bricked it. Sent it to TE and they replaced the dsp. Think it was about 40 eur. Maybe they were kind on the price since my warranty expired like a month before.

@Defectus that was an excelent deal what can say, nice but man i am a father x 2 /noise improviser/ unemployed/ 40 50 60 are oks but if swedish have slept on the wrong side of bed that could bill me 250 e ( boing boom cha cha) I live by dj sets and noise on streets i am not a consumer electronics ( power love) .with 250 i can build 500 molotovs easy and make other muzak. i am frustrated a bit two bit beat beat beat

Have you tried to contact TE ? They are not alwys very responsive but now that they shipped most of the PO orders they should answer, don’t you think ?
I understand your deception, man.

I was thinking of you tonight, breaking le mur du son with the grid, so much fun !

@LyingDalai i spent my day trying to synchronize my dodo machines aka OP-1 with my SHRUTHI 4PM by ear (as midi now by kentoned OP-1 marche pas putain )and i was so dissapointed and i was thinking i need to change ears or learn swedish .

constraction needs distraction which is a funny discipline that gives joy to people with curiosity as we . TOM (NEVER )WAITS.
I am trying to sell something (a rare FORMANTA mixer ) as to give my little white thing a kiss a swedish one i hope hop hop hop.

@thor i hope you manage to fix it somehow. Give me a hollar if you need some Swedish-translating :wink:

ok i am now having a brick /caputed OP1.

^ Did you do something to cause that, like trying to format?

That’s what happened to me

i was using it today in a very light situation and the four color encoders stopped responding completely so i was stupid enough to do a format (what else ?)after that my screan was romanticly stacked with some alien lanquage that translates THAT I AM FUCKED