(Video Update) Raspberry Pi USB Midi Multihub/Sync/Control/Power/Organelle/Pure Data/Cheap/Mobile/

…feed it with all kinds of midi USB units, turn it on and it syncs immediately all your gear in both directions, superfast and nearly up to 6 (…and many more) Units-- syncing,loading(battery),sending,receiving,all via one cable each.all the messages without any hick-ups.

it turns for instance the OP-1 and the Digitakt into a standalone set.controlling each other with a first turn priority. just talking blank USB.

i do have a solution.

tell me…


I have a solution as well: Raspi+USB hub if the onboard ports are not sufficient.

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everybody needs that.

It's at least a Plug and Play Image for your Raspberry Pi.
Based on Ubuntu and fully customizable if you wish to.
If someone is Interested---PM me.

even if you're interested in a fully working Box without any Linux,Ubuntu,Raspbian knowledge.
plug in and sync or control any USB Midi related gear immediately.
even if it's not class compliant.

for instance:
(master) OP-1--Digitakt (slave)
--Keystep(midi control over cv/gate/mod outputs)
--Oplab (via mini USB as a hub...which is omg)
--korg Nanoseries (all 3, pad, key, kontrol)
--usb/midi din cable (for USB to Din MIDI, with ease)

and vice versa (to all instruments)
all at the same time
everything can be master or slave

shipping worldwide.

how does it deal with feedback?

Is this legit?

@eesn what kind of?

@needles …it is! on fire already.

I’m interested. It might even push me to get an OP-1 again :smiley:

@eesn what kind of?



@eesn do you mean those back and forvert hick ups when a sending unit also receives midi? I haven’t had any problems like that.

@ludicrouspeed what do you mean? Iam a long time lurker, buddy.

Yeah @JohnnyEgo’s been around for a long time here! =)

@eesn do you mean those back and forvert hick ups when a sending unit also receives midi? I haven't had any problems like that.

yep, I’m asking how it deals with problems like that

Oops, my bad, sorry guys! I’ll edit my
original comment to avert any future confusion.

This thing sounds good! But any advantage over the Kensington thingey I already boigjt?? Obviously there’s the multi sync thing!

@ludicrouspeed …this and it’s a lot cheaper. customizable and updated in the near future with more functions.


Damn, sounds actually amazing.

I’m a believer

Hi Johnny, what is exactly what you do? the software or the whole gadget?

Is it like the one showed in this video?

Thanks, ZET

@zet literally it’s a solution! but mine comes without any need of programming or computing at all. no screen needed.

I’ll put up some Videos soon!

Cool! Looks simply useful.