Volca Sample vs OP-1

Hey My Fellow Operators!

First time posting long time lurking, longer time Operating.
I was wondering if there is anyone out there who uses their OP-1 alongside a volca sample?
If so, what is your workflow with it? What does the sample do better than the OP-1 in terms of sample manipulations and vice versa?
Would you recommend it as a companion to the OP.


Definitely recommend it as a companion to the OP-1.

The thing thats great about it is the tweaking you can do on the fly when jamming.
I mostly use mine as a XOX style drum machine. I’ve got it permanently loaded with 808 and 909 samples.
You can do so much more with it than that though.

You have to do all your sample trimming on computer or IOS device, that’s the only drawback/
whereas on the OP-1 you can see the waveforms and do all that on the device.

the pair look great together too :wink:

I utilize my OP-1/Volcas by tracking different variations of beats/live tweakery from the Volca Sample/Bass into my OP-1’s tape, loop it, then change up the Volca sample on the fly, track the next few bars, loop, etc.
Really adds to the depth of the live pattern building + the Volca Sample just sounds amazing.

Not the only drawback imo, @spacetravelmadeeasy : I find it pretty sad that there is no way to save/reload a preset outside the machine.

I sampled each memory (and I figure now that I should sample each channel separately) but it’s really heartbreaking to erase a memory when all the slots are full.


What’s your workflow like when using it for jamming or as the X0X machine?

How do you hook them up? Or do you bother with syncing?

(I just got my Sample and have only been using it on its own so far)

Theyre very complimentary. The Sample can lay a solid beat foundation, and then the OP-1 can add layers of synths/more abstract stuff. They both have bpm displays, so I just sync them the old school way of hitting play right on time :slight_smile:

@johnl I’ve got both a OP-Lab and a Kenton USB Midi Host so will use one of them to connect the two.

The OP-1 will be the master sending midi-out(clock) to the midi-in of the Volca.

The audio from both would either go to a mixer then output or go to individual outputs on computer audio input.
I’m not jamming then recording the beats into the OP-1. However that would totally be possible.

I really like it as a source of loops.

The sound is really good, especially for granular basses. Well, anything granular, I’d say.
And you can automate the parameters on the fly or step by step.

Switching very fast from a loop to the other yields to interesting results, especially when you set a loop on a grain :smiley:
This way one pattern can interact on another in a smooth way, this makes it easier to mix the two loops…

I really love this little box.

Thanks for the input!

This made me go through with the purchase. I had initially ignored this volca because of it not having true sampling capability. After coming across some youtube demos I am seeing how powerful this little thing can be in the right hands.

I am also starting to think that not having sampling is less of a drawback than previously thought. I think this will force me to record samples to my hard drive where I can load them to both volca & the Op-1 and still have the file archived for later use.

It can do the straight up MPC-style beats thing or as LyingDalai said its also an amazing granular sampler. The sound has a warm grit to it which I really like. Mangling stuff is really intuitive and easy so its great for a studio or live setup and fantastic ‘food’ for the OP-1 (as all the volcas are really). So many options, all of them are winners…

Its a great partner for the OP-1, you’ll have lots of fun with the two of them however you choose to use them!

I really wish someone would make a granular synthesizer. Load samples. Slice grains. Adsr. Effects. Etc… Common korg!

But… Doesn’t the Volca Sample correspond to your description, @masterofstuff124 ?

I haven’t even changed out the factory samples on my Sample >.> I just mangle away what’s already there.

all volca series is a must, for that price you wont get anything better!

Volcas are the very reason I got totally fond of electronic music.

For this, Korg will have ad vitam eternam my gratitude and respect.

And yes, these filters… Mmmmm…

@lyingdalai in a way yes. but it is certainly not a synth.

Well, it’s right that you cannot make a chord with one sample…

In fact, I think I would love this as well.

I don’t know this but it looks pretty :
But the price… Outch.
I haven't even changed out the factory samples on my Sample >.> I just mangle away what's already there.

I also am suspect of this. But I like to treat my Sample as my “KORG” tones, and I try to manipulate the samples to the point where even I don’t recognize them. The stock samples are great!

@masterofstuff124 have you heard of the Bastl Instruments MicroGranny?

That might satisfy your needs?

I didn't get on too well with my Volca Sample and sold it within a few months. I found the knobs too small to really get tweaking, I think that is one of the main reasons I prefer the Bass to the Keys. I also struggled to remember what samples were where and having to use an app to import samples was also problematic.

Had bought to replace my Volca Beats (crap snare!) and am now delighted with my PO12.