Voting Battle 29 "one note song"

Thanx everyone who entered! I was really impressed with the divers mutations of the sounds from all y’all.

Everyone on the forum can give his vote… sssooo… listen to the trax and let us know what was your favorite!

Deadline 10 January.

Wish I had taken part in this battle but only had enough spare time over the holidays to do the xmas album contribution.

My vote goes to Overseas Territory - Trees

There were some great original songs created by folks but this one gets the biggest thumbs up from me, it sounds like old 90s stuff - somewhere between The KLF’s “SPACE” album and the likes of Aphex Twin “Polygon Window” or something from Artificial Intelligence album.

Was torn between Overseas Territory and Moedars. Ended up voting for Overseas Territory, very cool sound u got there.

BTW There is no option to vote for Moedars !!!

Cheers for voting!

I hosted this battle, so I excluded myself from the poll… I was init for the fun :slight_smile:

@overseas territory enjoyed the minimal feel disorienting mix and different textures - @dj_KLN typically polished and cerebral great track - @Marijn Uilenbroek very creative enjoyed the glitchy and retro feel - @csus nice build great first submission - @Ikari Warrior great range of sounds from your source enjoyed your track - @Servando Barreiro very interesting track and great sounds loved the running motor sound in the background - @Moedars definitely resonating with the melacholoy gypsy gameboy feel of this track great tune - @yoof great laid back spacy trippy tune

@plasticdub, I appreciate how you gave feedback for all the tunes, was really surprised with how large of soundscapes people could make from one sound. Super cool battle idea.

Hey! A bit to late… but I did it! Half made on my vacation in Danmark over New Year finished at home in Berlin.The sounds are processed from a tabla shot from my wavedrum mini. Lot of Nitro, Delay, Grid, Punch, CWO and Spring. I didn’t use any sequencer, only live recording and editing. Enjoy!
I give comments later, but I have to say this is the best outcome ever!!

I am always impressed by the battles, but this time I am extra impressed! Was a hard choice but my vote goes to @overseas with @plasticdub on a close second (love your stuff man!)

@csus sometimes i try occasionally i succeed very glad to see some new faces around here - @slomen aaww thanks the feeling is mutual

Definitely the best battle in a long time!

Really great inventiveness. I’ll have to start a lot earlier if I want to be in with a chance next time!

For me, it was a tie between @overseas and @csus, with a bonus score for @marijn for the choice of sample.

@spacetravelmadeeasy Great to hear a mention of the KLF on here - seems very appropriate on the OP-1 :slight_smile:

@johnl thanks for mentioning! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! First post… Great work on the battle. I also made a track but the “you have to verify your email”-message never came so I could only sit there and watch as the opportunity passed me by :slight_smile: But now I’m all logged in and ready for the next one. Here’s my track if anyone would like to take a listen:

Show Me You by Made Up Monster | Free Listening on SoundCloud

It’s made entirely out of the “dance” sample you hear in the beginning. Very fun battle! :slight_smile:

@madeupmonster welcome and cool Trap track! Don’t hear this EDM style a lot on this forum.

@madeupmonster - nice tune! hope to hear more from you in the next round.

I put my vote in for @overseas_territory. Loved it!

I voted for @dj_KLN, really nice rhythmical glitches. Your track reminds me of early Mouse On Mars stuff. Well done! I’ve got so many questions.

@mixrasta your song sounded like it was recorded in dimly lit basement, that I wouldn’t mine being locked up in. Great structure!

Yea, kind of, Basement and 3rd floor ; ), I think by accident I recorded the String effect twice when I bounced it, maybe… Thanks for the comment about the nice structure, I’m changing the sounds and tightness, edit quantization a bit soon @Kites

Vote for @yoof

Thanks @yoof and everyone for the kind words, great tracks from everyone!

thanks @Kites …anything in particular you had a question about? more than happy to discuss, if it’s something I can distinctly recall doing.