wanna revote on battle 23?


Revoting for @plasticdub

Thanks for putting this up @dimi3 , you’re ahead of me. Don’t forget to remind people that unloop and myself are not eligible for votes. I’ll only vote in the case of a tie.

Should we say all votes and revotes are due by July 2nd? or is that too soon?

I think we all know who we voted for so the 2nd seems fine.

Ha. I logged into ohpeewon on Monday to give a final listen and vote and got nothing. I’m glad we are carrying the torch.

My vote goes to @Lymtronics! Loved your patch and the sparse arrangement.

Gotta go with @Lymtronics as well.

1 Cpoint by NeuOrbison
What a great way to start off this battle. a like the path and the flow. I like how just just as the groove starts to leave me mindless, about it you switch up to send me back into thought.

2 emitterfollower by plastic dub
I can’t say why but this brooding noise mania made pay it a few times over. really dig the non conventional style this song has

3 Hope by yoof
LOVE this! I thing of Orbital the Sinner aka a saint remix.

4 Etude on Blue by vehka
the melody is great, could find myself humming it after listing to it.

5 OP-1 Counterpoint by pfontaine2

6 Morose Encounter Point by Tribrix
love the synth choice and the decay sound and how it relates to the part repeated… love example.

7 flash sole by DOZr
Like the bounce pan.

8 Flat Side Of The Moon by marijn
Love the effects to get the two side of sound.

9 Battle 23: Counterpoint by Slomen
I wanted MORE! great work.

10 Remembering Elidon by cuckoo music
So poetic, I enjoyed it from beginning to end. like a good ride.

11 19:47 OP-1 Demo by atoner
I am liking the layers

12 linesbythree by unloop
I like it and wanted more.

13 Drifting by lymtronics
Lovely dreamscape

I was torn between Lym and yoof. but lym took me on a journey!

My vote went to @pfontaine2

Mine went to @pfontaine2 also. Hope we can find him!

I just messaged pfontaine2 on soundcloud

Despite struggling to choose between a few, I voted for lymtronics.

firstly sorry i don’t have my original text / shout-outs - this was a really tough one - the rules bred tracks that appeal to my minimalist ethos - standouts for me were @Neu! Orbison @yoof @Marijn Uilenbroek and @lymtronics but my vote goes to @Neu! Orbison

My vote goes to @NeuOrbison! Other favorites were @yoof, @pfointaine2 & @cuckoo.

My vote was for cuckoo, with pfontaine and plasticdub runners up

I’m here finally. It took some time to track down where the new forum went to. Ashley at Palm Sounds was a great help to point me to this new forum.

BTW, if voting is still open then I’d like to vote for cuckoo, if only for the fact that he did a fantastic job using the OP1’s sounds and functions in creative ways.

There were lots of great tracks here. NeuOrbison’s track was very strong as well and truthfully, both his track and cuckoo’s were tied in my mind.

I vote for Neu! Orbison!

Hey @dimi3 and friends. Since members of the old board are still trickling in, does anyone agree with me that we should leave the voting up a few more days, or are people anxious to get on with Battle 24 here on the new forum? I’m inclined to let people vote a little longer, especially since it’s a holiday here in the states tomorrow and a lot of people will be traveling this weekend.

this is your comp! I let the designer’s choose… but we are close to 200 users…