What are some good external microphone options that will allow me to record directly into the op1?

I bought a olympua ME-51s stereo microphone recently but I guess it doesn’t work because the op1 doesn’t supply power to it and I need a microphone that has its own power. I bought the microphone because my internal microphone stopped working, which I hear is a common problem. Good news is when I unplugged the external mic my internal started working! I have no idea why though, any thoughts? 'm still wanting an external microphone though. What are mics that you guys have liked using?

alot of us OP1 users like lavalier mics.

A lavalier? You mean like an Audio-Technica ATR-3350? Would that work for the op1? I’m guessing it needs a microphone that is self powered, like this one, and that my mistake was getting one that is not self powered. What’s the difference between the 3350 and the 3350iS?

Also, @masterofstuff124 I read in a previous comment about how some lavalier mics can be switched from directional to omnidirectional. Do you have any recomendations on brands that do that?


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That’s in German. And it doesn’t even link to a specific product. Are you guys really too cool to write in full sentences?


While that’s a funny comment, the link did indeed link to a specific item for me anyways
The “Hama notebook mini mikrofon”

It must load differently on my phone, it just sent me to the homepage. I’m looking at it on my laptop and see that it does indeed send me to the “Hama notebook mini-mikrofon” but I only have more questions than answers. It’s still in another language. I can’t even navigate my way towards the purchase of this product. And it doesn’t even look like a microphone. I can’t read any details about this product. Does JohnnyEgo really think that his link is so self evident that it need not come with any description? I looked at reviews and 6 users gave it 5 “sternes” saying “Sehr guter Ton. Kann man weiter empfehlen für den Preis.” which sounds promising but uhoh! someone gave it 1 “sterne” saying “Hab das Mini Mikrofon für den Einsatz mit Skype gekauft und bin sehr zufrieden. Einfach einstecken und los geht’s. Einfacher geht nicht und die Klangqualität ist für Skype gut.” that doesn’t sound promising at all!!!

I really just need to know what type of microphones work with the OP1. Surly there is a list somewhere of microphones people use for their OP1’s. I can’t find anything online about this though. Not on this forum or the “manual”. The “manual” just says it has a jack for external microphones. The forum users say they like lavalier mics. That tells me nothing though! I just bought a lavalier microphone and it didn’t work. It depends on the power of the unit it’s plugged into, is that the problem? Do I need to buy a microphone that is self powered?

Have in mind that the OP-1 has a line level input.

Your internal mic started working again because the problem is in the connector, not the mic itself.


Welcome to the forum @sclurbs, I see with your attitude you’re going to get an avalanche of friendly responses. :slight_smile:

I can’t help you much except to say I hook the headphone out of my Boss Micro BR portable recorder (which has a decent enough mic) to my OP1 and it works a treat. Sehr gut.

I know Shamaniaq who used to frequent the old ohpeewon forum had one of these and said it worked well for him:


@5starnomad those work because they have their own power source? I found a cheaper option from the same brand. Would the Audio Technica ATR-6257 work with the op1?

@punji what is my connector? The input jack ? the IO board ?

I mean the input jack in the I/O board. The problem also happens with the output one, but in that case the internal speaker fails instead of the mic. Replacing the I/O board should fix it.

@punji Ok so you’re saying the reason the external mic I purchased doesn’t work is because my input jack is faulty (even though it recognizes when something is plugged in), and not because the microphone lacked it’s own source of power? And because my input jack is faulty, when my internal mic stops working all I need to do to fix it is plug and unplug an external microphone?

Really not a lot of answers in this thread, or anywhere else on this site, or the entire internet. I can understand OP’s frustration. Are you guys just giving him a hard time for his admittedly bad attitude?

Let’s get serious: what are the features an external microphone needs in order for it to be compatible with the OP1? Does it simply need to provide it’s own source of power?

holy shit.

a microphone with a 1/8th inch jack with it’s own power.
the end.
why is that hard?

No, I mean the jack is the reason for the internal mic failing and then (sometimes) working again, as you mentioned in the first post.

The reason for the external mic not working is either because it requires phantom power or a pre-amp in between to raise the signal level.

holy shit.
a microphone with a 1/8th inch jack with it's own power.
the end.
why is that hard?