What are some uses for RECORD STANDBY? (Shift+REC)

When recording to tape, I either overdub or hold record until I press a note. I notice you can record to tape at super slow speeds using the blue encoder when using standby. I think that is very cool, but I always felt like I was missing out on something more functional. For instance, many times I thought it was a way for an external device to trigger recording to tape by exceeding the threshold, but I’ve tried many times in as many different ways as I could think. So I dunno if I’m doing it wrong, or if it’s simply not doable. If not possible, what else are you guys using record standby for? I don’t sample often enough on the op, but I suppose it’s an easier way to sample as accurately as possible since it’s only it only involves one key press?

I don’t have an OP-1 anymore but if i recall correctly doesn’t the record standby on tape wait for a key input to start recording?

No audio treshhold function though

i think there are 2 types of record standby. the hold record and wait for key input to start recording/playback.

and also what Blipsford i think is referring to is shift+rec, when u can toggle record on, but the play head doesn't start. this way u can use the arrows or encoders to roll/record the tape....right?

Yes, shift+rec is the one I’m referring to @RingoWong :wink:
So using the audio signal threshold is definitily only exclusive to using the samplers, right? And not tape?

Yep, though I think that would be a happy addition to have threshold triggering on the tape. Can be a bit fiddly recording some chords and melodies while having to hold the rec button as well.

I knew there was more to it! In the past if i needed to rec while tweaking it seemed like a race to start recording, switch to the synth screen, and tweak. It took me this long to realize that with shift+rec, you can start recording from any other screen. Timing isn’t a problem if you just think of it as playing a chord with the play button.