What do "Step Rec" and "Rec Arm" do?

Today, I noticed that while holding Help + Rec + Stop it says “Step Rec” and when I hold Help + Rec + Shift it says “Rec Arm”.

I can’t seem to find anything on these two functions in the official guide or the SynthDawgs guide. Other software or instruments mention functions like these, so my guess is they’re MIDI related?

Update: 1/2 answered myself…

“Rec Arm” is this behavior: What are some uses for RECORD STANDBY? (Shift+REC)


ahhh…that sounds like a very nice feature.

But what does this one do?

Yeah, I never heard of that.

would be so lovely to get a midi sequencer or a Midi track on Tape to have this Organelle like sequencer which feels like a tape with no time signature but it’s just midi notes recorded and it works bomb :bomb:

hold rec, press a Note, Release rec sequence plays