What are you listening to?

I loved this thread in the old forum (and in the old elektron-users), so let’s continue.

And while I’m at it, I’ll test the bandcamp integration:


I don’t know an awful lot about the artist, but it’s mightily impressive work. I managed to get a re-release of the cassette a while back.

the new Plaid album “reachy prints” keeps growing on me. wasn’t too much into it at first but keep finding myself putting it on…

also “greg gives peter space” is one hell of a lush and waaaay laid back dub experiment

I’ve been digging the new Plaid album too! And Josephine Foster. She played in Finland last weekend, amazing voice!

A few of my most recent fav albums:

Wild Beasts: Present Tense

Neneh Cherry: Blank Project

Liars: Mess

A Sunny Day In Glasgow: Sea When Absent

Fuck Buttons: Slow Focus

The Knife: Shaken-up Versions

..and I'm actually pretty much digging the new Lana Del Rey album, Ultraviolence.

Wow I have to get on that Plaid album!

Been liking Blue Hawaii with there last two albums.

John frusciantes departure from RHCP. his use of effects blows my mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G2n6UqOWIo


I'm feeling THIS artist on Soundcloud.



As far as the "official release" stuff, the new Raevonettes record is large...


The latest "Wolf Alice"...


And last, but DEFINITELY not least, Wye Oak.




Lemaitre released a new EP yesterday. pretty funky nu-disco stuff.

Lemaitre - Singularity EP


New Hud Mo is pretty sweet.

Also trying to get into Juke and Footwork shit.


Sylvan Esso:


And I just about lost my mind over this Clams Casino track:


The Clams Casino track is majestic. Think I prefer this version though…


@DaveTheTriffids that’s hilarious!

Been enjoying artists on the n5MD label lately. Proem, subtractiveLAD, Dryft and Bitcrush, Loess, bvdub.

Also Charles Cohen Retrospective double CD. A true master of the Buchla music easel, and pioneer of improvisational and experimental electronic music.


That particular song makes my whole body breath out at the end of the day… I can’t even tell what this song really does to me… a mix of sorrow and happiness, and a feeling of good solitude maybe… “Ground control to major tom your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong…”