What software do you use?

Have a mac and wondering what other people use to record their tracks from the the OP1? Audacity, Garage Band, Pro Logic? Flummoxed. Thx

Audacity on mac(SoundForge I use to prefer with windows).Thats my main software.Dont use DAWs with hardware-apart from very occasional Atari ST QBase v3!(to control old school samplers).
Occasional dabble with Logic and Reason,as stand alone/VST host.

Cubase on the PC and Cubasis on the iPad.

Ableton Live all day.


Studio One mostly.

sometimes i use cyan/n, an old freeware tool. it´s a improvisation looper with sample slots and little drummachine, effects…some cool stutter sample effects! i like obscure software that nobody use…


I mostly bounce between OP-1 and Propellerhead Reason.

+1 for Propellerhead Reason. I mean, you know… what can be better than one Swede? Two Swedes, of course, what else … :slight_smile:
Joking aside, I use Reason almost exclusively for tracklaying and mixing/mastering. I find the mixer very powerful. Vsynths and whatnot? Not so much anymore. I’ve become a hardware-synth addict. :slight_smile:

Audacity but only for trimming/edits. I do not use a computer to record at all, I use dedicated hardware recorders. I did buy ableton a few years back, but hated it, back in the day I used to use Creator and Cubase on the ST, but ever since then never found computer daw performance or handling to meet my requirements, so now I am happy to ignore them.

I have been using Ableton Live for a long time, and I love it because the possibilities are essentially endless. I feel like that’s why I’m so drawn to the OP-1… its ‘limitations’ are so refreshing. After a while I feel like my stuff gets convoluted in Ableton because I’m trying to do to many different things. The OP-1 keeps me focused and forced to experiment in clever ways.

I’ve been using a Zoom R8 for most of my multitrack recording, since my laptop (which had Live and Logic on it) started breaking down.

I might switch to an iPad DAW though, depending on if I get a Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK mixer. The USB side of it is a true multi-track (14 in, 12 out) audio interface. I’m happy with my current iPad audio interface but the Soundcraft would make it easier to send audio in and out of the iPad for effects processing, sampling, looping, etc.

I think if I was going to delve into computers again I’d look at Renoise or Reason, and maybe Pro Tools. Doubt I will though, heh!

Reason + OP-1 + Elektron’s. Very Swedish!

With some occasional German (Live) thrown in, since there’s no Session mode in Reason :frowning:

Logic X- it’s probably not the “best” DAW but I’m used to it and it gets the job done well

OSX Live 9
iOS Cubasis

OS X Live 9
iOS Cubasis 1.9

Cubase on the PC and Cubasis on the iPad.

Mr. Clean, do you often find your Cubasis tracks mislabeled and shuffled? This usually happens after hitting undo on my end and it's a real thorn in the ass. Hopefully Steinberg updates again soon after their recent inapp purchase. Did you get the effects?

I haven’t had the mislabeled or shuffled issue …yet.

Yes I did get the effects. Haven’t used them much yet to tell if they are worth it.

@1Gristle It’s worth noting that whatever software you decide to use, you don’t need to record OP-1 into it, as you can just put the operator into disk mode and drag and drop the file(s) onto your computer. It’s well worth doing because that way you’re not going out through the OP-1’s DAC and then in through your computer’s ADAC. It makes sense to transfer audio as data whenever possible, because no matter how good your converters, there’s still going to be a loss in audio quality.

Pro’s for Reason:

Reliability (it never crashes)
Elastic Audio - arguably the best time stretch algorithm in the game
Integrated Recycle/Rex functionality
A rack that emulates real world patching and workflow
Lovely emulated SSL Mixing desk
Rack Extensions are sand-boxed, thus more robust than VST’s
It’s a modular sand-box!


Wave editing is horrible, especially if you’re trying to establish a tempo (don’t use Reason for that)
The rack emulates real world patching and workflow (this is a con as well as a pro - it’s subjective)
Reason does not use VSTs - only proprietary Rack Extensions
Basic navigation /functionality /workflow within the sequencer is pretty horrible at times
Poor customer support
Balance (Propellerhead’s ADAC) is no longer supported and does not function over USB3 - avoid it!

Balance is no longer supported?? So glad I dropped Props, they seem to have lost their way after coming out with REs IMO :confused:

I haven't had the mislabeled or shuffled issue ...yet.

Yes I did get the effects. Haven't used them much yet to tell if they are worth it.

I own them and I dig em’. Nice little dynamic packs worth the change imo, but people are complaining that they should be able to save their own presets. Not a biggie for me.

Really anticipating iCloud sharing, i’m constantly scraping apps left and right to save any mb.