What Would You Want in an OP-ZF?

Now that OP-1 Field has been announced, it’s certainly possible to imagine that we could get a “Field” edition of OP-Z. If we did, what features would you want to see upgraded? Keeping in mind that this would be similar to how OP-1F is more of an incremental upgrade on the original, not a complete redesign.

I’ll start:

  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Sequencer pagination

-increased sample time
-more tape modes
-ditch the module system and offer several dedicated audio jacks that accept modular level


Metal body


Sequencer upgrades (more resolution, better visualization)
Better method of getting samples into/out of OP-Z


metal body
maybe slightly larger keys.
a screen for naming / labeling.
more random functions. (like auto populate trigs and locks and puinch ins)
and a master recorder like album on the op1. the bounce is not enough and doesnt really make sense to me.

comically on seeing the op1f my first thought wasnt to sell my op1 but to sell my OPZ in hopes of a opzf. seems im not the only one!

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Metal body
Velocity sensitive buttons
Dedicated audio inputs so I don’t have to lose my lovely rumble module adding those.


Multi track over USB, more storage, radio emitter, new synth engines and FX and great build quality


Agreed! That would be so cool to have.

Stereo sampler, resampling, and a way to sample without holding the record button down with my finger—a threshold recorder would do it.

Proper I/O without a module.
USB audio host, like the OP-1F
Bigger, like, the length of the OP-1, but still the same shape as the current Z
FM radio for sampling, or just listening!
Audio recorder, for multitrack mixdowns, or something. Like the Album on the OP-1.

And a better iOS app for managing samples


I really hope they’re won’t be… just because of they do make it metal, itt won’t have a replacement battery!! That is very important!

If it has a replacement battery then I’m game… but it would have to have the same buttons probably right? And you can’t replace those so… I just want something I can replace all the parts… for that I will spend up to two grand… but it will never happen…

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Velocity sensitive keys!

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I want “DUAL VELCRO BACK FASTENERS” :sweat_smile:


-Decent sampler
-Audio Tracks

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No pitch-bend problems
No bent enclosure - no dial pop-outs - no double trigger problems
Finally a good after-sales support from TE for their “bad-quality-product-range”!!!

  • a more solid body (as mentioned, aluminum would be great)
  • a price tag that would be affordable or at least not more than 800€ (but I believe it would much higher :sweat:)
  • better support :rofl:

Lots of good suggestions.

Yes to more sample storage, resampling, more sequencer steps without losing resolution.

I wonder if for the field version they would get rid of dmx and/or photomatic and add extra tapes or fx tracks or enable step components on all tracks.

It’s easier to add features than to remove features with a product…

I’m all for a better body, more storage, better chip, etc. FM is also a good suggestion. (FM on OB-4 makes so much more sense!)

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Since they didn’t remove any functionality for the OP-1F compared to the original,it would be weird of them to do it for the OP-ZF.

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Yeah m guessing an OP-Z Field would be announced at no less than $899, expecting $999