What's your favorite iPad DAW?

I’m using Garage Band and Table Top mainly, but I wish the two were combined. How are people liking Cubasis?

I use Auria, hands down my favorite iOS app. Hard to beat the Fabfilter plug ins on an iPad :slight_smile: But then again I work almost strictly with audio and not MIDI too.

Beatmaker 2 is pretty slick. It plays nice with other apps, and the interface it pretty straightforward.

Hey Zulumonk, I actually found out about TableTop from one of your vids. So thanks for that! It’s a great app, I only wish I didn’t have to do so much swiping.

I’ll look into the apps you guys suggested. I’m not a fan of Garageband’s UI and how it emulates actual hardware.

Isn’t there an app just like Abelton live? I wonder why they haven’t ran with the iOS route.

Electrify NXT is probably the closest thing to alive on iOS.

My biggest issue with Auria is looking blurry on ‘retina’ displays. In the screenshots, most of them are blurry aside from the one with the tracks. The mixer and plugin windows would aggravate me to no end, I think. The last thing I found about it was in 2013 with Auria saying that until iPads got more RAM they weren’t mucking with high res graphics because testing showed it affected performance too much.

Still, it’s quite tempting since it’s 50% off until tomorrow, but I have a lot of the plugins it offers as IAP already and can use them with Audiobus. Running within it Auria would probably be easier than screwing with Audiobus, but I’m not keen on spending another $20 on JamUp, I have IAP in JamUp, etc.

Cubasis looks super-sleek.

I used the OG Electrify on an iPad 2 for a while, it was quite nice so I imagine that NXT is even better, but I haven’t used it personally. The OG one is free on the AppStore.

Gadget is super-fast and sounds great, I’ve been pretty productive with it lately :slight_smile:

I like Cubasis, it’s got a lot of nice features. Midi editing is pretty good, but editing audio doesn’t get it for me, so I do that on Multitrack DAW. not many tricks, but a damn fine pony. lol I have Auria, just didn’t get on with it - been a while since I had a look tho …

My OP-1!

Kidding aside… I want to like auria but it is not a quick set-up. with focusrite 18i8 I can’t get it up and running in a flash. Multitrack DAW click and go, cubasis is a full DAW and for the money and if you want to remain on an iPad it has everything.

@strata189 can you explain how you’re not liking Cubasis to edit audio? @dimi3 do you feel the same?

Electrify NXT looks pretty neat, is it a full DAW? @tarekith

No my problem is not Cubais it is I feel the iPad is a tough environment to edit in. finger are not accurate…

Electrify NXT fun and does alot.

Ah ya dimi3, that’s how I feel about garage band. TBH most editing on the iPad seems imprecise, I guess its similar to the OP-1 in a sense, everything seems loose. That’s why an actual multitrack recorder kind of appeals to me, but I have no experience using one.

Does anyone use one?

my r16/r24 record to sd. but I get better performance as an audio device.

What do you mean? I’ve wanted the r16, but it lacks 5 pin midi.

When you run the r16 stand alone it is 16bit48 but as an audio device it goes to 24bit96 if I remember correctly anyways it is better. Yeah no MIDI.

NXT is not a full DAW, but that and Gadget are really the only thing with a session view, or something similar to it.

@Kites I can edit down to the sample level in Multitrack - fingers work better than a stylus. And I can edit really fast on it. Cubasis doesn’t give me the same immediacy or total control. Once I get everything trimmed up, then Cubasis has the goods, plus midi, a big deal to me now.

there is an interesting parallel discussion on elektron… look you want to make music you need a real DAW. If you like jamming and enjoy making music, hardware is enough. really depends on how you want to produce.

dimi3 I reluctantly agree! I’m in the process of finishing an album. My mix engineer uses Pro Tools with Waves plug-ins, etc. iOS can’t compete at that level. But, he is seriously impressed by how much you can do on an iPad. Someone with a better understanding of compressors and other mastering tools can do a very decent job with Audio Mastering app, or Positive Grid’s Final Touch. I’ve been with iOS since my 3G iPod Touch, and it’s hard to believe how far it’s come …

I totally disagree, Auria can most definitely be just as good as any desktop DAW I’ve ever used, certainly with ProTools and Waves :slight_smile: