Which studio headphones are you using? (with your Op-1)

I’ve got to purchase a pair of cans for my op-1, and knowing the infamous noise issue on the output I’m lookin’ for informations. In the old forum there was many thread 'bout this argument but here not. If I remenber correct guys at TE said that they use AIAIAI ones and they don’t have any noise problems. Now they sell the Urbanears ones in a bundle with the Op-1, these ones are cheaper and don’t seem to me a good choice but maybe I’m wrong.

What’s your experience with these two brands (AIAIAI and Urbanears) and obviously other cans in a price range beetween 100 and 200 euro?

I’m using DT770Pro at 80ohms. They’re really good.

I have a pair of Urbanears Zinkens and I quite like them, the TurnCable is very useful as is the ability to chain the headphones together.

The sound quality is fine to my ears, they are easily driven too.

I also have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50’s that are nice, comfortable and clear sounding.

Got a Beyerdynamic DT150. It is built like a brick shithouse, looks like one too. Sounds really good, it is very “clear:” and pretty flat in it’s response. If you master with them you might end up with basses drowning out highs and mids. I use it primarily to check the mids and highs and end up using cheap headphones to determine an appropriate low end level. I’d much rather have a pair of good monitors, but hey, gotta row with the oars you have.

Sennheiser HD 280 pro. 80 bucks so pretty cheap. Decent frequency response. And most importantly they are super comfortable. Most headphones make my ears red and stingy after an hour. Not the 280’s; i can make music all day!!

I’ve got myself the “aiaiai tracks” and it sounds (for me) really awesome. But I’m not a real audiophile, so I don’t know how it matches up to really expensive stuff. But hé, they look really stylish with the OP1 :slight_smile:

Got a pair of Sony MDR-7506

I’d like to read something from someone that uses AIAIAI Tma studio, anyone?

I got those and 7506s. Both are very good. I have the guru studios and I think they sound great.
I would say the aiaiai maybe give a little too much comfort zone. The Sonys are a bit more harsh but that can be useful too.

The 7506s are very crisp and clear to me but agree that they can sound harsh. As someone who makes music for pleasure I am considering something that sounds more pleasing, those AIAIAI Tracks look like a bargain! (£25 delivered from Amazon UK)

Haven’t used them with the OP-1 or long-term but I did visit the AIAIAI store when I was in Copenhagen and tested the range.

The Studios are comfier to wear (esp for long periods I guess) than the DJ version.
The DJ cups sit tighter on your ears to block out sound.
Think the DJ’s also have more bass whereas studio is a much more real sound.

The Young Guru versions where the ones I found the comfiest.
Soundwise they are something inbetween the DJ and Studio.

I’ve used the 7506 for years, last year had to manage without them and I missed them all the time. They are great for monitoring or DJing.

I’m getting the Urbanear Zinkens too, hopefully this week, bought them off a sale to replace my broken old cheapo sonys (mdr-v150).

the higher the impedance and better the signal to noise, the better they work with the OP-1’s “headphone” out (ahem, line out). Or buy a $15-20 Fiio E5 headphone amp, and wash all your hiss woes away with any headphone I’ve thrown at it. Battery life of 10-14 hours so it’s very OP-1 friendly, and recharges off the same cable.

I use the DT770 Pro 250Ohm

The Grado SR60 is my budget headphone of choice. Nothing sounds like them for $80. They are open air, so if you’re using them in a small space with others, they’ll hear what you’re doing. Alone in your home studio though, they are perfect.

Got dt770 80ohms, 7506’s, but I bought a pair of Sennheiser PX-100 II’s for the OP-1 because how portable they are. Really suprised how loud and great they sound.


I owned the TMA-1 Studio’s for several months. The TMA’s are overly dark and bassy, but with a very tight punch (similar to the Genelec sound to my ears). So, if your headphone mixes tend to be too bass heavy and a bit shy on the uppper frequencies, those cans will cause you to dial back the bass and dial up the treble, but in a very nice way. Best headphones I’ve ever used for mixing purposes, without a doubt (because I tend to mix bass heavy). As for general listening, there are better…

I bring a Sennheiser PX 100-II when I’m out and they are quite OK.

And a Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro when I’m home : I like the fact that it’s open, I feel like it destroys my ears slower…
I feel like it destroys my ears slower...

Turn. It. Down :smiley: Headphones make it very easy to damage ears trying to seek that “speaker feel” =/

Ive always thought DAWS should come with a warning about destroying your ears. They make readily accessible the ability to do so…