Who got one of the mystery boxes?

I know one of you snagged one. Tell us what you got!

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i will pay $2000 for the stem player!!! dm me!!!

What are we talking about?

TE were/are(?) selling mystery boxes as part of the celebration with unknown content for 500 EUR:

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Augh! Just missed another one.

What are the odds one of the boxes is just piles of lego knobs? Only the blue one. 100 of them.


500$ for a gamble ! I think people who are careless enough to spend money this way are too careless to actually open the box when it finally arrives. ehhh so even if there is some special inside, it probably would not be appreciated by some one who really needs it. unless you have a record deal, 500$ can make or brake a regular musician.

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What if it says inside not to share with anyone what the contents are?

Steli no one will know it was you, tell us what you got in your box :wink:


It’s a free voucher for all the Teenage engineering products they bring out until 2030.
plus the OP-3 :dizzy_face::grimacing::shushing_face:
Just joking…! I haven’t managed to get it

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hey guys! I bought mystery box #2. i dont know how any of the other box-buyers haven’t spilled the beans yet! this is my first post here, and i think i attached a photo of it correctly so you guys can take a look at whats inside (massive spoilers obviously). the box is totally worth it if anybody here was planning on getting it


Wow, you got an OP-1 for $500, congratulations!


Wow congrats. Look at all that stuff!


That is just insane! If I bought one, it would be like, a bunch of cables and stuff.


:joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

Tbf I’ve probably spent more on cables over the years than I have on TE gear.


:astonished: wow this is most generous thing i have ever seen !

I just missed another one… I had even set a gmail alert for it and literally opened it within seconds, and it was gone already. It’s THAT difficult to get one.

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I think it’s sold out now… no cheap op-1 for us, then!

thanks for all the replies! box #6 just dropped early this morning, so there are still 4 left to go. if anybody else here gets one, post it up so we can compare loot!

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