Who is taking their OP-1 on holiday?

I am taking my OP-1 on holiday for the first time this year. I got a usb-on-the-go dongle to backup stuff to my android phone, anything else I should bring?

How about you, are you taking your OP-1 on holiday? Any tips, experiences you would like to share?

What about a field recorder?

If you are going somewhere where there’s awesome sounds as well as sights (e.g a big city like NY) then you can grab some awesome recordings on the street even just of people talking.
Then work this into your creations on your OP-1 on your down time.

Op-1 comes on every trip, i love sampling radio stations, expecially if I don’t speak the language! A decent field mic is a great way to create foley sounds from nature or the hustle of a city. That usb on the go sounds like a great way to back things up too!

I just can’t bring myself to take my prized, semi-rare, 800 dollar piece of equipment with me somewhere where it could get stolen or damaged, as much as I’d like to.

I was jamming with my guestfamily in Japan one night and then got invited for dinner, also let a girlfriend play some riffs on it, still have to do a song out of it. But usually I’m not doing so much with it on vacation, but it’s good to know that it’s there ; )

I think I will be to busy with the kids during the day to do any field recording, except for recording their voices asking if they can have ice cream or how long they still need to walk ;)

Definitely gonna try the radio, it's probably my favorite feature of the OP-1!!!

I also still have some doubts about taking the OP-1 on holiday, I am very careful with my gear and I wonder if I will actually use it much... but the portability (and wackiness) of the OP-1 was what made me get it in the first place I guess.

Just loaded a bunch of drum kits only to get an error, I forgot you only can have so many drum kits at once...

yah i travel with my op1. its great. I think a Small Mic with a long cable is a must. some kind of lavalier mic. although i once saw a nice shotgvun shell style design that could switch from condensor to directional all battery powered that goes to a 3.mm like the op1! i should go buy that. i like to sample odd things i come upon. sometimes youll get lucky and can jam with another musician. with the mic I can record them. jam on top. split the headphone out so both of us can listen etc…

Have it somewhere easily accessible in your hand luggage as security will want you to take it out and then you’ll have to explain to them what it is - maybe even give them a song :wink:

I always take my OP-1. And now with the NY sync, mr PO-12 will coming along for the ride also.

Always take it on hols. With the wifi hotspot Kingston thing and the iPhone so I can save all albums, tapes, drums and synths. No laptop involved, all battery powered. Smooooov

Kingston thing with the iPhone? Please elaborate @lefilou

Kingston Mobilite G2. A wifi hotspot thingummy, connect your OP1 and you can save or load patches / archive tape or album files to iOS or Android devices via an app or the onboard SD card. Very handy piece of kit - USB battery and wifi router too.

I was a bit worried if the OP-1 would fit my backpack with all the other stuff, but my OP-1 arrived safely thanks to my unit portables case!

I’m not going on holiday BECAUSE I have an OP-1!
Couldn’t afford both so I reckon a l made a good choice.

I always take it on Holiday. Gotten into conversations about it on long plane flights, etc

Yeah, I take my OP-1 everywhere. I actually bought it in advance of a year-long absence from home, so I’d have something to make music on. It definitely gets the looks. =)

I'm not going on holiday BECAUSE I have an OP-1! Couldn't afford both so I reckon a l made a good choice.

Good investment!

Im planning on taking mine to Japan next month. The 11 hour flight will fly by!

I wonder if its covered with holiday insurance??!

another vote for taking the op1. take it on every vacation now even out of country. had a family holiday this last weekend and my niece and nephew got a huge kick out of me recording their voices and playing/effecting them. makes train and plane rides much more enjoyable :slight_smile:

My Op-1 goes out every working day in London. I do most of the legwork on tracks on the train commute and then finish off detail and bass work at home where I’m more comfortable getting my levels right. Gotta make use of it’s portable nature :wink: