Wish there was an OPZ Android app

Just bought a Modal Skulpt. It has apps for all the platforms including Android.

I have no idea why Teenage Engineering can’t sort one.

Android isn’t cool enough for TE.

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I was wondering too…

I’m hopeful for an android app as well! Might have to eventually buy a used ipod touch or ipad once my nexus 9 kicks the bucket.

wish there were no Android. lol


Android is so much better, just not having swipe is enough for me to never own a apple. I really want a Android app too…

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sorry but Android is just an open market research device with a lot of third party scumbags interested in data of all kinds.
no support, no evaluation.

true story


I get support security updates every month. My phone is two years old too. Android is fine…


Well, TE says they want android support. I bet they just don’t have a android developer on staff

But check this out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJUnH2G9MDI

I bet you could make something useful with a midi controller app like this - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.humatic.tdf&feature=search_result

Time to hire one :man_shrugging:

I haven’t seen it brought up on this forum yet, but from what I understand about MIDI over Bluetooth, iOS and macOS are the only operating systems with fully-baked support for low-latency MIDI over bluetooth. I haven’t seen any Bluetooth-MIDI devices that support Android or Windows, probably for that reason. Pretty sure that’s low-level OS stuff, so that’s on Google to add.

You may be right there.
However, midi over an OTG usb cable would good enough for me (I could switch devices with a powered usb hub I think?).

android has some serious latency issues, even with really fast hardware. Personally I think it’s due to how heavily java is used on top of the linux kernel. I am starting to see more audio realted stuff come to android. I would agree that it’s in google’s ballpark to make the system more friendly for audio and music work.

As I don’t have an iphone etc. I’m not sure what you mean by latency issues. I assumed the app was for changing OPZ settings not live input.

Indeed, the audio is coming from the OP-Z, not the Android device.

Modal Electronics made an editor for their synths (cabled, not Bluetooth) which I haven’t had the chance to try, but it has the same function, changing settings while the audio comes from the synths themselves

it’s all speculation because we don’t really know how the app works. I remember some video with Tobias where he said something about the app having the same engine as the synth so the interaction between the two is perfect or something like that. It’s pure speculation.

But the app does not generate any audio, so that was not implemented! This is not speculation…

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Do you have the source code? How do you know how the app is doing what it does? Without the source code for the app guessing how the app works based on the user experience is speculation. I am sure more knowledge about what it is doing can be learned from the os x app. I don’t have don’t have time to dig into it that deep. I am not a ios or android developer so for me this is all a guessing game.

Is there enough interest for someone to bother making a op-z controller template for a free midi controller app like the one I linked to above?

Reddit Post


Really big step forward if true.

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