your favourite iphone apps to play with op-1 !! :)

i don’t have an ipad, but i have a super cool iphone!! and there are tons of great apps it seems, but i haven’t found too many (yet!) that compliment the op-1. so post your fav apps to use with your op-1 , or even ones that just work and do cool stuff :slight_smile:

some of the ones i use:

  • soundprism pro
  • sound cells
  • littlemidi

im particularly interested in weird & experimental music apps, but post whatever you want !! :slight_smile:

Musyc Pro - even better on iPad but does not feel crippled on iPhone.

@KrisM - just downloaded Musyc Pro and it’s awseome, thanks for the hint! Does this app work with Op-1’s sequencers? I have the lightning-to-30pin flex adapter in the mail so can’t try it just yet… anyways, Musyc is a highly inspiring app in its own right, I’m glad I bought it.

I’ve never tried it @jooga1972 (don’t have a Lightning to USB CCK) however, on the AppStore it says they are adding a full MIDI implementation and AudioBus support, so maybe some day.

I Love:

Epic Synth

I usually record them to tape and then add OP-1 sounds. The synths are more fun if you have the CCK and a USB music keyboard, but that’s not required to have fun, IMO.

+1 on Sunrizer. Definitely one of the finest VA synths on the AppStore.

There’s always Camel Audio’s Alchemy. If you own Alchemy for desktop, and have the Pro upgrade on the app, you can use the app’s touch pad to control the desktop iirc, and also the IAP expansions are free for any you own (sign in to Camel account required).

Can’t forget Loopy HD (50% off atm, too!). I use a Line 6 Sonic Port because of the 3.5mm stereo input, and you get both a 30 pin and a Lightning cable with it. You can probably use a Sonoma GuitarJack 2 if you have a 30-pin device, it has a 3.5mm stereo input, too, but I’ve never used it so ymmv.

The must under-rated and over-looked drum machine on the entire app store has gotta be TWEAKY BEAT by Rugoso. It has a super minimal one-screen interface with a step sequencer and produces punchy beats withing seconds.

Rugoso also offers a fully featured drum synthesizer called SEEK BEATS that is more pricey. I haven’t tried that but it seems to be the deluxe version of Tweaky Beat.

Genome is pretty awesome.

+2 on Sunrizer, and of course, Animoog. I use the Apogee Jam to record the OP-1 into Multitrack DAW. Very clean and none of the crap Apple puts in the way of the headphone/input jack. Sounds way more robust.

Multitrack DAW is great, I use it with my mobile rig all the time!

^ Great, great editor for half-assed keyboard player like me. Lol

Too bad SunrizerXS seems to be dead, it hasn’t seen an update since 2012, but at least it works and seems to work with audiobus 2.

Gestrument. Very original way of making sounds with wide classic violins.

i really like seekbeats for crafting drum patches. anybody mess with it? great drum synth. i have a few op1 patches of it that i’ve been meaning to share.

…err .aif is not an allowed file type to attach?

hmm, I don’t see any options on file type for the attachment plugin. I don’t know what’s up with that.

Korg Gadget, Propellerhead Figure, and Animoog are all great sources for samples if you ever need something the inbuilt engines won’t make. :smiley: Korg Gadget is also a great tool for writing pieces that might require a piano-roll style editor (if you need quantization or the ability to move notes), and then add them into the tape.

Not sure if Poly is available for the iPhone, but it’s particularly experimental and even more so when you use it to control the OP-1.

man i didn’t know seek beats – great app, instant buy – thanks!

Sector is on sale. Incredible app - very deep, but very intuitive also. I use it to generate really interesting drum fills, among other things. A total natural for the OP -1.