Zont Synthesizer

Now this looks interesting…

Zont synthesizer

holy fuck!!! that looks incredible… where did you find it?


A PO on steroids. ? Hat tip to TE here surely.
interchangeable carts. BASS LEAD RHYTHM NOISE
Very interesting idea + bonus points for the ultra sexy Industrial Design, dock idea is cool.

— Universal input interface, Stereo speakers, AMOLED display, Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi cloud sync, Built-in rechargeable battery, interchangable sound cartridges, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C, iOS and Android app


Don’t know anything about it - whether it is real or vapour but from the website…

Available fall 2017

On facebook Pavel said he is going to crowd fund this thing.

Maybe need to pump the brakes slightly as it is a ways off.
Anyway, cool idea, good he is sharing and looking to get it built.

@instantjuggler i read about on sequencer.de

teenagers should build some PO-Pros. with engines from op-z. killermachines

make it dual core sell it for 99

Zont Dock - RCA jacks. What is this, the fucking dark ages? XD

Looks cool though, I hope this meets the light of day.

So right off the bat, something I see that would be an absolute dealbreaker for me:

From the pictures, it looks like the buttons aren’t real switches — just raised capacitive sensors (i.e. like the ones on the Korg Volcas).
This isn’t unlikely, as it makes it super cheap on the hardware side — each button just needs a big pad on the PCB (free), and maybe a resistor. And it’s of course more mechanically reliable. (no moving parts)

If they are, then I don’t know if I could stand using one. Too chintzy-feeling.

I think Ralf Hütter just jizzed in his cycling shorts.
This looks gorgeous. Nice find @djorkaeff

“fall 2017” might not come, is my 1st thought. Hope I’m wrong.

It seems to me the cartridge thing is just a marketing trick to force people buying each different firmware…

It seems to me the cartridge thing is just a marketing trick to force people buying each different firmware...

Yeah but its also a way to constantly increase what the machine is capable of as they years go by.

Problem with the OP-1 is that is restricted to the 2011 technology it was built using.

^ Yes, but only if the cart interface allows for that level of expansion. If it is just a flash memory then it woun’t help much.

That’s true.

The spec and look of the device makes it look pretty expensive.

I think TE got it right with the PO’s in terms of what you get for your money - what it does, it’s size and what it feels like in-hand.

If someone is paying good wack for a synth they’d want to feel something a little more than this in their hands.

Which ever way you peel it, this looks like a very interesting onion. Just hope the developers can bring it to the market.
The artist cartridge thing seems like a good laugh, but you can be sure it won’t be from anyone you actually like! Future proofing though.
It looks like a calculator was sexually assaulted by a stabillo highlighter.
Which I like!

P.S I have started a thread on Elektronauts, hope you don’t mind @djorkaeff
This thing deserves some coverage!

I like the look of this. But i reckon economy of scale (or lack thereof) will make this pricey.

@steveoath then we have a year to drum up some interest! No pun intended there.
Really want this to become a reality, hopefully some more info as the year progresses. Better sort out the preset name spelling, Norhern Lead anyone?
Where is Doc Brown when you need a ride?