Battle 42 Voting

Hey dudes and babes !

I’m just preparing Here’s the the voting thread for Battle 42 !

So much participations (15!!!), with dope tracks !

Thank you OP1ers ! Even if you didn’t make a track (time is a gem) and just rolled the dices ^^.

Everybody can vote (until the 42nd October Sunday 23:59:59)

Thanks again everybody !

The playlist (TY @yoof)

Each tracks :
@curdledgurled 73 - Cluster - 157 bpm

@OperatorD 36 - FM - 120 bpm

@Konst 18 - Pulse - 102 bpm

@Edzilla 2 - String - 86 bpm

@Servando 23 - Dr. Wave - 107 bpm

@Eti 92 - Slump - 176 bpm

@MCBasje303 2 - String - 86 bpm

@kln 100 - Cluster - 184 bpm

@yoof 74 - Cluster - 158 bpm

@marius 42 - Digital (choose not to choose) - 126 bpm

@himrod 88 - Phase - 172 bpm

@mixrasta 91 - Slump - 175 bpm

@LyingDalai 44 - Digital - 128 bpm

@interpolate 3 - String - 87 bpm

@motone 80 - Phase - 164 bpm

Great tracks :slight_smile: Without writing tons my standouts were -

Himrod - catchy and melodic.
Edzilla - cool track
Kln - nice chill vibes.
Eti - 80s feel, kind of reminded me of Electric Dreams (guilty pleasure) or something.

Can non-entrants vote? If so my vote goes to Eti. Simple but something about it that I really liked.

Impressive stuff all round :slight_smile:

For sure, everybody can vote

My #3 : @motone
#2 : EdZilla
#1 : no hesitation, @yoof’s track is perfect :smiley:
You have my vote, dear.

Made me wanting to try some d’n’b on OP1, really dig your tracks guys :slight_smile:

The whole battle album is pretty cool I found.
I love the noisy intro and @marius interlude :slight_smile:
Amazing as all of this rather glue well (apart for my track that was once again poorly mixed, I must admit)

Thx again for the brief of this amazing battle @quarantequatre my mate :slight_smile:

Total op noob but…

#1 @edzilla loud, funky, smart

@yoof how did you accomplish the flange sound of 2:20 of your track?

@iiteration loved your song

Thanks for my vote @LyingDalai - I’m humbled :slight_smile:

@interpolate - is that the effect over the amen drums you’re talking about? If so, it’s a really good setting on cwo that sounds good on most sound sources. Blue down really low. White on about 12. Red up high. Green on about 12. Value LFO that very slowly modulates cwo green such that at it’s lowest point it just about reaches 0. Done like that, it’s quite a subtle, phase-like effect. Variations on it involve playing around with cwo white, cwo green, how much you modulate cwo green and how quickly. As a stereo lover, I’d have to also mention that if you apply this trick to the same sound source on two tracks that are hard panned L and R, you get lovely stereo stuff going on, especially if you nudge the LFO speed on one of the tracks so that the phasing is different.

My vote goes to @konst :slight_smile:

My votes (not clear how many votes can i place):

My #1 @Edzilla 's track - Sick drop, nice string sound.

@kln 's track - chill deep beat.
@himrod 's melodic stuff.
Also additional appreciation to @OperatorD 's track. Really like that you took ambient approach, those like-space-ship’s-system-sounds and vibrations are pretty neat.

@Konst There can be only one !

So you have to mention clearly which track is your favorite :wink:

It’s also appreciated to leave an impression for each track, normally everyone try to do that at some point…
But no one has taken the time to do so for now (neither have I)…

@yoof thanks for the info!

I vote for all tracks, but I can’t vote.
Thanks again @LyingDalai ! I’m not very present atm, very busy, but I’m still there.
More seriously I’ve got to listen more and more and more and more and more to have my fav.
But I can’t vote :smiley:

@quarantequatre dude, names in the list are messed up. Forum names do not connect with those tracks. At least my and @Edzilla 's also, @kln 's track shown 2 times in the list. Can you double check everything?

@Konst I’ve checked, everything seems alright, did I missed something ? Are you talking about the playlist ? Or independant track links ?

@quarantequatre The post itself. Everything seems okay now. Maybe it was problem with post rendering or something

I dont have the time to write my impression to every song, but I will comment shortly on my four favorites :)

# 1 @Konst: Was my favorite from the first listen. Just love the sounds, the melody, the flow, the everything :)

@Yoof: man, this is so good Im not able to even imagine how you can do somthing like this on the OP-1. Way above my head.

@Operator D: I can listen to that kind of noise all day long!

@Edzilla: wonderful melodies and hard hitting sounds with a really good visceral response.

@OperatorD - some very interesting textures, Usually not the style I would favor but I like that you took a radical approach to the Battle. Nice delay on the samples

@Konst - The intro is awesome, the bass is solid, nice patch! The samples from the movie match the track perfectly. The progression and synth at 1:20 plus the transition to the middle part at 2:49 makes it one of my favorite track.

@Edzilla - Some killer sounds! This little percussive string loop you use is very catchy. The drums are also creative, you go beyond the classic kick-snare-hihat thing. Nice work with the fast string synth, sounds like a mandolin.

@Servando - Cool laid back feeling, I like those dreamy synths and chord progression, the guitar fits just right.

@MCBasje303 - The sample used for the intro is the best. The synth entering at 0:30 is dope! Could you please share how you recorded the guitar?

@kln - The stereo work on the drum is remarkable. I could recognize your track among any other, you are true to your style. I admire your ability to create an atmosphere here.

@yoof - Talking about drums… Teach me master! I would love to see a video of your workflow. I also like the pads sounds on the intro and the bass drone later in the song. The stereo work is also amazing. Apart from the real musical value of your track the technical skills are incredible.

@marius - I like the weirdness of the track at the beginning and how it evolves from a very light ambiance to something heavier, darker. Another great use of the stereo.

@Himrod - Very melodic track! I would love to learn more about the patch you used entering at 0:15. From 1:21 it is even more catchy, well done! I was singing in my head a solo line during your song. Hat off to you sir!

@mixrasta - Local language samples, great! Best use of tombola so far :). The middle part is my favorite part, nice bass line.

@LyingDalai - That sample use! I also love how you change the track direction several time with some epic moment around 03:00 - 03-30. Your track really tell a story (nad the last part is like a happy ending).

@interpolate - Are you into East Coast old school hip hop? Because your track make me want to hear some lyrics on it.I may be obsessed with bass lines but you also did a nice work on this. The string engine is very good at producing percussive melodic parts and you used it well. Impressive result given the time you had!

@curdledgurled - I am usually in more melodic stuff. But the deep bass, drum pattern and repetitive synth makes me want to listen to your track with a huge soundsystem and as loud as possible to feel the bass :).

@motone - DnB on the OP1 always amaze me, how do you guys do this? Good use of the samples. The break at 2:00 is dope! And the last sample :smiley:

Soooooo time for a vote. The level here is impressive, not surprising given the talent of some of our members (do I need to mention who I am thinking about here?). Here is my top 5:

- @Konst: for the atmosphere and overall mix
- @Edzilla because of the creativity and patches you came up with
- @Himrod because of the melody you created
- @Servando because of the guitar you managed to fit perfectly.
- @Interpolate because you did an awesome job given the time you had to produce something.

There can only be one, so my vote goes to @himrod, love your track man! But congrats to everybody, very nice battle!

Thx @Eti, indeed I tried to tell a story with this one ^^

People, I think there are less votes than the number of participants !
Please have a listen, give your impressions and your favorite one !!

@quarantequatre, what kind of voting deadline would you set ?
Great tracks everyone. It's a very difficult decision!

@OperatorD Nice dark ambient stuff. Could use some more stereo width, but otherwise mono makes it even darker.

@Konst Your track has a nice melancholic vibe, matches the sample perfectly.

@Edzilla Cutting string sounds! I love the break in the middle and the flanging pad sound. I did miss some kind of bass line to round things up but it's just a matter of personal taste.

@Servando What a fluffy track, really nice! A bit static in the melody progression, a bit more variation would have been cool.

@Eti Lovely 80s vibes!

@MCBasje303 Impressive use of the String engine.

@kln Really trippy stuff. Superb drum sequencing. Love the wobble bass at 2:46!

@yoof Gosh! Impressive composition and stereo mix. You truly know how to make use of the OP-1!

@marius Great sound spectrum! I love the variation and evolution of your track.

@himrod Awesome work. I love the wah sound and overall composition.

@mixrasta Your track has a lovely trashy vibe (in a positive way!). I really like that. Gut gemacht!

@LyingDalai Cool remix of the intro song! And nice stereo usage. Thumbs up!

@interpolate Cool beats, especially in such a short time!

@curdledgurdled Huge bass, man! I love that dark techno track!

It's really hard to pick a winner, but "There can only be one"! @himrod gets my vote, because his track is just so catchy!!! :)

"So long and thanks for all the music!"

Already informed @quarantequatre and @yoof, the link to my song is not working, cause I changed my soundcloud name, until then here is the new one:

Hey @<a href=“” class=“Username” style=“font-family: “lucida grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; font-weight: bold; vertical-align: baseline; text-decoration: none; color: rgb(1, 115, 198); background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255);”>mixrasta, I think the link in the playlist seems to go to your new name correctly. (I didn’t need to do anything to fix it).