New OP-1 Field 😮

Is the OP-1F’s mixdown (album) saved as WAV or AIFF actually?

WAV, I’m pretty sure, but don’t have mine in front of me to check.

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If you’re looking for a pure portable multitrack, this is probably not for you, although with some ingenuity you can make it work.

The limitations:

  • You can’t apply effects to individual tracks after recording.
  • You can only apply effects to incoming audio (i.e. not one of the internal synths) by routing it through the vocoder, set to 100% dry. Then you can add an effect to that channel and record it to tape.
  • For sure, you can set the tape speed to slow, and play back a recorded track on the device for longer than 6 minutes. But the exported audio will always be max 6 minutes per tape. (there are 6 tapes).
  • You can export all four tracks independently onto a PC and do whatever you like with them. I think this is what most do.

When you mix down to the ‘album’ feature (actually a single with two sides!) the exported mix down is WAV. I haven’t tried individual stems on the Field so I can’t verify if these are WAV or AIF.


This workflow is exactly what I am doing frequently. So the answer is yes. Note: you can also get the 4 tracks individually into your DAW but I opt to do the mix down in the OP-1. Be aware that you can only control levels per track. Compression, EQIng (really good) and effects are applied globally. So if you want nuanced control exporting individual tracks might be a better course of action.


I have a question concerning the OP-1F’s sampler. Can I sample an electric piano thru audio-in and then use it as a timbre? In other words, I would like to sample C3 key from my piano to C3 key of OP-1F, and then just play it on OP-1F as an instrument. If it can be done, then will OP-1F play it poliphonically and what will be the max. polyphony number?

This is what synth sampler is actually for. You sample something and then you can play that sound through the keyboard range with polyphony with six voice limit.


I have read a lot of defect reports on this thread:

But recently, for some half a year, nobody reports any issues. Does it mean the OP-1F got improved QC? Does anybody have a recently purchased unit and could share any experience? Like loose battery, common before?


Since July 2023, I’m on my third op1 field. Mainly because of screen issues. Last unit sometimes double triggers. But nothing that critical.

Recently received my third unit…

First unit (near-release purchase)- arrived with good function. Shortly after battery became loose

Second unit - arrived good, worked for a while just fine. No battery rattle. Several weeks ago I noticed it developed a problem with the microphone: a persistent resonance in the higher frequency range which became noticeable when some source (ie voice) sounded off in that range. It rendered the mic unusable and I had to correspond with TE for a couple of weeks to make the case that this was indeed a hardware failure and not a user error. A replacement was initiated.

Third unit - arrived just a few days ago. So far so good. It could be merely in my mind, but I believe that I’ve noticed incremental improvements in the manufacturing of things such as the volume knob (my latest unit seems to have the firmest and most solid of the three), the keyboard, and perhaps even the screen… however, I have done no one a service and failed to photograph these units in detail. I will be testing my third unit to see if any more issues appear and will report back if something happens.

Something I’d like to note, I am glad that I chose to purchase the field through vintage king audio, which has a warehouse near where I live. Their return process and support has been exceptional.

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I also recieved my third unit in may. All 3 units had issues with double triggers, stuck keys and broken encoders. Waiting for the fourth unit now and i‘m pretty sure it will also have issues.

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I received an early unit and have had no problems with it.

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I’m also currently on my third unit. First one cracked encoders and stuck keys, second one would randomly turn off on its own and be unresponsive for hours…

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Third unit here too.
First two had screen issues.
The third one comes directly from TE’s stock. And I can proudly report some double triggering at times. But not enough so I would care right now.
I’m still in contact with TE, so maybe a fourth unit will be discussed at some point.

With 256MB internal memory OP-1 Field can store over 160 minutes of samples. How comes?

Correct me if I am wrong, but unless there is some compression used, I don’t think that 256MB is enough for 160 minutes of 32 bit stereo audio…

There is a whole topic on this issue… I do not claim to be an OP-1 expert but, from my 10+ years experience there are few sustainable work arounds for this issue. Some of the people on this forum who in my opinion are very intelligent and knowledgeable run into the same issue you are having… It is very unfortunate that this has not been addressed in a firmware update… Just know that you are not doing anything wrong.

Does anyone have the TP-7? Is the recording time also limited to 6 minutes?

It is not. It will record as long as you like. When a WAV file hits the 4GB limit, it seamlessly splits to a second WAV.


Can OP-1F work as an audio interface?

I would like to connect a synthesizer to OP-1F’s audio in. Then I would like to connect OP-1F to iPad thru USB-C port, to record my synthesizer on GarageBand.

Will it work?

sort of, op1f’s master mix is exposed as channels 1/2. you won’t have dedicated channels corresponding to op1f’s line input, but you can mix line to master as usual.

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Have you tested it with iPad?