OP-1 Battle #75: Spirit of Radio

So here we are at a milestone: 75 battles!
Instead of trying to come up with something especially clever, I thought we could keep this one relatively simple. Since TE has given us an FM radio, let’s put it to good use. Here are the rules:

  1. Every sample/sound must originate from the FM radio. You can do this however you want; record directly to Tape, dump to drum sampler, drop in the synth sampler, etc. Your sounds don’t necessarily have to be musical either. You can use static to build a drum kit or whatever you want.
  2. You may use one other piece of equipment as long as it comes through the radio, for example, I have a little FM transmitter that I can plug into the output of anything and record it through the OP-1’s FM radio. This may not apply to most people but the option is there.
  3. Your entry must be 75 seconds long (or as close as you can get). We’re going to keep these short and commemorate this historic number at the same time. Since the songs will be short, you may submit multiple songs.

DEADLINE: Saturday, July 17th

There you have it. Have at it.


Here’s an example of what I was referring to with the FM transmitter. Towards the end, I play in a bass line with the Z using FM transmitter.


I have one transmitter like this somewhere, but I wonder if it stil works…
But first, I’ll have to find it!!!


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thanks for the simple battle rules. some of the recent battles have been a bit specific and complicated.

I hope to put up some sounds for this one. Still learning op1 and have a ways to go on workflow. Fingers crossed.


I’m glad I’m not in this one because I’m glued to the Polyend Tracker right now. It also has a radio!

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pff today i have set fm/am radio on fire and captured sound samples of burning flames. but now i have realized that fire sounds are quite boring and almost non existent :man_facepalming: (even with heavy fx) i wanted capacitors to explode, but they didn’t do much.
just ordered new one online…
:bowing_man:‍♂back to the drawing board…


here it is. first go at it.

maybe next time. you decide.


I dig it. I like the abstract feel to it.

Lovely. I’m in!


on the road this week. got to sampling from various radio stations between Las Vegas and Bryce Canyon in Utah.

also grabbed an FM transmitter for this one and used only 3 sounds via this method, 1 kick and 2 snare samples, as I wanted to keep it primarily radio based.

carry on.


i like the glitches and tape scratches in it !
dope jam !:call_me_hand:

Hi all,
This one was definitely a challenge since it’s hard to get radio samples to not sound too much like their source (avoid infringement) and be “smooth” - definitely tried out some super sample slicing-and-dicing and fine-tuning on this one.

All except lead/melody were composed and performed on NJ Transit & NYCT Subway commutes. Fade In/Out and Leads just needed a little more stability (home office desk!)

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Best and thanks for the challenge,


I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while now and finally decided to sign up and participate. I got a little lucky and was able to find some solo’d drums and bass on the local jazz channel.


That’s what I’m talking about! Nice.

i have created this contradiction, its a cv controlled fm radio.
track 1-3 drums
track 5 base
track 9 delay sequenced in different patterns
track 10 reverb sequence
track 14 frequency modulation in sequence.
track 14 built in mic, sound from radio in
track 14 mic in - lfo filter - sequenced rhythmical progressions.
track 14 fx1,2 sequenced
(taking advantage from the new update features!)

live performance:
switching between 3 patterns
patterns contain frequency presets for the radio, that way its possible to compose melody to the radio station sounds.

recored in one long take, hoping to catch something cool on the radio. because its impossible to predict what music will the radio station play.
so i just took a lucky take.

lead piano sound is from a classical music radio station. track 14 dubs filter of input sound on and off to the rhythm, cleating a new pattern.
other sounds are quick glitchy dubs from other radio station. (i tried to avoid copyrighted content)

my video editing app compresses audio, so here is a high rez version:

see project brake down at:

… i was also transmitting sound via a tesla coil, but than i needed a mixer, i dont have a mixer :cry: so it didnt work out.


Good good stuff! I was trying something like this on the Koma Field Kit but haven’t incorporated it into the OP-1. Very nice.

Hey all,
Thanks for the fun battle rules! I started out with sampling the commentator of a soccer game. Then the rest followed. Lead voice is a very short segment of a sample. Recording of samples was done at home. Putting the song together was all done while commuting (still had some none-bike commutes).
I am considering posting another submission based on classical music samples. Let’s see if I get to finish it on time…


By all means post another! I want as many submissions as we can get.

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