OP-1 Battle #75 Voting

Here are the submissions in playlist form:

  • dj_KLN - mega rad
  • dj_KLN - very rad
  • psound74 - radio flyer side a
  • J.P. Mackey - Lazarus
  • funkyjunky - op-radio
  • John Glib - The Radiogame
  • John Glib - Side A of classical B
  • Motone - OP-1 Battle 75
  • Motone - Radio Rave Slave
  • Motone - Messed Up
  • dj_KLN - half rad
  • dj_KLN - more rad
  • Monk E. Hatte - Jet Pilots
  • dj_KLN - good thing rad
  • psound74 - round2-hey-side-a
  • Master Funok - Tomorrow
  • dj_KLN - tick tick tick and want that pop
  • Motone - Not Serious

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Polls will be open until next Sunday, July 25th.
Thank you everyone for your submissions!


mega rad: nice jazzy touch, love the beatless vibe and that organ solo.
very rad: lovely genuine kln beats, cool lofi sound.
radio flyer side a: creative panning, sounds damn sharp, like a bunch of melodic circular saws :grin:.
Lazarus: very creative sampling, I like it.
op-radio: nice lofi bitcrushed atmospheric touch.
The Radiogame: sweet composition.
Side A of classical B: nice and very minimal composition, love it.
half rad: great how you integrated that piano.
more rad: more rad indeed.
Jet Pilots: ready for take off! Cool.
good thing rad: so many good things indeed.
round2-hey-side-a: hey, nice arps.
Tomorrow: glad I’m not the only techno head here! I like it.
tick tick tick…: rad middle part, cool poppy composition… would’ve been the perfect closing, too bad I ruined it with my last submission. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So many great submissions!


i have a real hard time choosing a vote. there are so many great entries, i really can not pick one 🙇‍♂️.
im going to take time listening to this play list on repeat, for a week.


This has been a great one so, get those votes in! Lots of good stuff here!


“Everyone is invited to listen and vote”-bump.

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Wow, you folks were inspired!!

I struggled to get something going on, but when I hear how you crushed these sounds beyond recognition, I’m humbled: should have tried harder!!!

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It’s quite a challenge to get through all these, so I will start at the beginning and see how far I get before I have to go out and buy fruit.

  • kln - mega rad: that’s one of the greatest OP1 organ solos I have ever heard
  • psound74: that sounded horrible on my laptop speakers. Connecting some better speakers helps a lot. Great noise funk vibe, impressive for an all-OP1 production.
  • J.P.Mackey: its a bit like I’m back in the 90s at a school disco in a field with loads of children, and I’m also a child
  • funkyjunky: the title is intriguing. The tune is calming and beautiful.
  • John Glib: the radiogame is abstract on a first listen. The classical tune sounds like someone set up a neural network from bits of Bach and turned the output into a song. Interesting entry.
  • Motone: cool beats in that first one. I wished for it to be longer. I’m less of a raver but cool voice chop in there. I like things which are messed up.

I’m gonna leave it there for now. The second set is about 50% @kln tunes. I don’t know how ya do it man! But good effort!

edit: round 2.

psound74: hey - this is DEEP! just like the other cut. The melody sound tortured and beautiful in one
Master Funok: impressively minimal. is that like a 1 second loop throughout the tune? I’ll take it!
Motone - Not serious : This is certainly serious. I can’t quite get the message but it must be something important.

As for the KLN mini EP:

half rad: spooooooky voice
more rad: these pair together really nicely. Great remix. Is that voice from the radio? Sounds like something from the 1960s to me but… I don’t know what radio is like round your way.
good tune rad: i like the tweaked voice as instrument in there. and a solid jazz sample as is customary.
tick tick tick: solid last track on the kln mini ep. You could get this pressed up as a series.

Thanks for the kind words about my tune. I made some use of the reverse-record trick in there :slight_smile:

And I, too, like to put on the compressor and record out to album mode. I didn’t touch that compressor for years, but now I use it for everything and love it.

There are many standouts, my vote goes to @psound74 - Hey for getting the balance just right for me between fun and fuckedup. I feel I should also choose a winner from the @kln tunes, which is: tick tick tick and want that pop.

Great work all.


thanks. answer = insomnia and a passion for OP-1

the organ solo is a sample. I don’t know who it is, since it was just randomly recorded off of my local jazz radio station, and then chopped and looped.

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Took some time listening to all the entries! Thanks all for the feedback so far and thank you @joeyfivecents for hosting this battle.

Here is my take on it:

Dj kln: reminds me of birdy nam nam every time. Best one in my opinion is very rad. All of the submissions have super sharp Samples and beats; very good technique.

Psound: always bewildering in a good way. In “round 2 “ I feel like i’m lost in a universe of extreme panning and random sounds but then there is this daft punk like sound which hints to melody and the melody feels like a line to sanity and stability. Beautifully played!

Motone: also very good sample and beat technique in all submissions. The submissions are quite different from each other but still all have the same distinctive EBM-like sound. My favorite track is the Radio Rave Slave.

Monk E. Hatte - Jet pilots: nice mellow vibe. What makes the song interesting is the elaborate and well-chosen use of fx.

J.P Mackey - Lazarus: this is so reminiscent of Vulfpeck! I love the vocal chop and the beat drop at around 1:00

Op-radio by funkyjunky; nice experiment with CVing the radio. I like how it’s ambient but still has a very pulsing groove underneath.

Master Funok - Tomorrow:
Nice buildup and soundscape. Pleasing to the ears

I notice now that my entries are a lot softer / less compressed. Should spent more time on the drive setting in the mixer next time and also checking the sound quality with earplugs cause i couldnt hear the bass at all in the classical entry.

I wonder though; do you guys record to album and export that file or do you record the audio output?

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I always record to album. I love that etching needle animation.

vote is @motone – “messed up” is a jam and a half, plus a side of dope. you had me going at "mes…S…E…D. UP!

i can’t actually stand how well it flows into my track “half rad” so elegantly in listening to this Battle Playlist. yo, like we should swap some of dem there stems! remix potential. am I right?

to everyone else. omg. jam and a quarter? what is almost a half?

I also record to Album. why wouldn’t you try master EQ, FX, and Pan per track to give all the feels?

thanks motone again for focusing attn to the needle animation. and second to none trax!

and then comes along @ssam “Jet Pilots”. and I can’t help listen, but over and over.

were you all thinking, what I was thinking?

that is to thank @joeyfivecents for one of my favorite battles thus far, while also making me feel like el senior citizen. it’s the digital age, and we were only allowed to go terrestrial (plus). bravo!!!


“Today’s your last chance to vote!”-bump.

I’m gonna leave it open until midnight ET and maybe a little longer for any international forum members/potential voters. I need to vote too. This is a difficult decision since they’re all really good.

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“Whoops! Deadline has officially passed but you can still throw in your vote!”-bump

P.S.: every forum member is eligible to vote!

Super rad battle Operators!
If I could cast a secondary vote I’d give it to Monk E. Hatte’s “Jet Pilots” but John Glib’s “The Radiogame” really did it for me this time around.
great work everyone!!


Seems like we have a winner! Congratulations @Kingcardinal

And I’m proud to have three Top 10 hits :joy:

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i voted ‘lazarus’
i think, that track has the best use of sampling from a radio. those power chords, vocals and rhythm are in a great composition. was a tough decision to make :cry:, because other entries are all so great.

Whoa! Thanks everyone! Lucky first entry. I’ve casually listened to all the battle submissions for the past few months and am always blown away by ya’lls creativity. Can’t believe I actually learned how to use this dang machine.

Acceptance speech over. Does that mean I choose the next battle rules? Daunting task…


Yes indeed, that will be your job now ! Congrats.

Congratulations and yes, no pressure but, you’re up. You don’t have to come up with anything immediately. I’m not sure how long we go between battles. It varies. Nice job!