OP-1 manager app for iOS

To be honest I didn’t get much joy out of the app but pleased to figured out how to copy tracks over and rename patches via my phone using the USB hub it will be very useful when I’m away next month.

Yes… then WHY release an iOS app then if it has “this problem”.

You should probably just not buy an iOS device.

Because some people like to try to do as much as possible with iOS despite the limitations apple puts on the device, platform, developers and users. “this problem” is probably one of the many reasons TE never made a iOS app to work with the OP-1.

Another reason would be that traveling with an ios device, whatever bs hubs and dongles are needed, and an op-1 is lighter and smaller than traveling with a laptop and op-1. Some people like to leave the laptop behind.

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I mounted the OP-1 as an external disc and explored the ‘synth’ folder via the commandline on macOS. The folder has .aiff files that say “OP-1 Patch” when played with any audio program. I ran the ‘strings’ command on a .aiff file, and noticed something very interesting:

There are patch parameters within the .aiff file!!

sowt)Signed integer (little-endian) linear PCMAPPL
"fx_active":false,"fx_params":  [2952,320,5247,17407,0,0,0,0],
"lfo_params" [9280,32606,1296,9200,0,0,0,0],
"lfo_type":"value","name":"20161208_0420","octave":0,"synth_version":2 ,"type":"dsynth"}

Yeah, TE says that they use the metadata in the AIFF to store the synth parameters, while the AIFF is a preview or the sample pack. It’s a cool idea.

I never thought to run strings on one of the AIFFs, though. That looks awfully human readable, like it should be easy to figure out what to tweak. Nice work!!

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Not available in my iOS App Store, New Zealand by the way. Is there any other way I can get this please?

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The developer is active on Reddit and says the app should be re-uploaded some time ‘soon’ in a comment made 1 month ago.

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New version rewritten in Swift. share multitrack, improved track trimming, new design, op1.fun patch integration, waveforms, ordered tracks.

I read this thread to see if it’s a reliable app and it seems like I have to just try the new version myself :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice. Is it available again?

It’s back up. I haven’t tried it yet but looks really useful.


It’s there now thank you

Hi all,
How have people gotten this new version to work? I put the OP-1 in Disk Mode and used the following:
CCK with powered j5create USB hub
both of the above with official TE USB cable and a different one
to my iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 14.2

While i can navigate among iCloud backup & local storage, the OP-1 tracks never seem to appear nor do i get a prompt to make a new project. (Yes i tapped the green USB icon first) Nor can i “select” tracks from /OP-1/tape/ because they never display in the app.

Wrote an email to the developer today on their website and realized i already did this since Chrome auto-populated the fields :\ (no answer from the first email)

Help. Please!


I can’t get the OP-1 to show, let alone any track files. Not much fun for the price of the app. Very cool if it worked!

I don’t know man… as time goes on my initial observations on this little app seem to have been spot on.

Hi, do you know if it works well for OP-1 field?

Still need to test it, but i can’t get my op-1 field connected to my iPad in diskmode….

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You need to push a button while switching it on (the COM button if I remember well)

This works, but you don’t get access to the tape tracks.

have u tried this?

it may not work if u dont have hte CCK that has the extra power port
even if u have USB charging turned off
it needs the power for it to connect correctly

is this different for the field?