OP-Z bending still an issue?

Hi everyone! I’ve been looking at getting an OP-Z recently but have heard a lot about the bending/double trigger problems. Is this still an issue with the units being sold now? I would love to get one but would be kind of disappointed if this started to happen after a few months, especially since it’s a $600 synth. Thanks!

I’ve had my OP-Z for 2 years and it has no sign of bending. I hiked with it, travel abroad with it and always carry it in the yellow vinyl pouch that came out at the same time as the synth. I don’t know under which condition it can bend, maybe I’ve just been lucky so far.

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Same here. No bending issues.

oh wow. I guess the issue is a bit more few and far between than I initially thought. I was thinking it was an issue that all OP-Zs have at some point in their lives

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I think ALL the people having this issue are talking about it, while everybody with a non-bent unit just keeps silent :slight_smile:
I got mine on release day and didn’t have any issues concerning bending or popping encoders. But I do experience double trigs now and then and the pitch-bend’s behavior is a bit odd.
So yes: There are issues with the OP-Z. They do bug me in certain ways. But for me it’s still an endless source for creativity and I don’t ever want to be without it again :sweat_smile:


I’ve owned two OP-Zs since it was released, neither had any bending or double triggers either.

I bought my OP-Z used on eBay without any sign of bending. Then i made a beat yestetday outdoor in the sun. I noticed that it was getting hot, so I put it back in my analog case and in my backpack. Now it is bend, but it has no double triggers and still works fine. I think the heat is the reason for it. I did not think that it would bent this fast ( i first used my Orba for about 40 minutes and then the OP-Z for about 20 Minutes in direct sunlight at about 28 degrees celsius ) I will not use it in direct sunlight again on hot days

noted! i had a suspicion that heat was going to be a big factor in the bending, so if I do end up getting one I’ll definitely have to pay attention to where I’m storing it. thanks for your input!

I have had mine in the heat in Florida many times… All this summer… Today it was 100 degrees… No bending… Knock on wood…

now I’m starting to get confused on why this is only happening to some select units… I think we need to start another bendgate but for OP-Zs rather than iphones lol!

Maybe it had something to do with having modules in it? I have always had a midule in mine since the oplab came out… Maybe it gives it more support? IDK though…

I got one used and it is bent, no real issue with it. I think it is only because press hard between the feet and there is no support in the middle. If you use it on a table top and are a hard presser like me it will probably bend over time. Some people stick on little pads between the feet to add support so it won’t happen. Either way I don’t think it is a reason to not buy it, it is a non issue to me and we are talking about a millimeter or so of bend

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Had one and it bent, got a new one 6 months ago and its already bent, so its still an issue.

Got one since 2019. Not bent and always a module inserted.

I have the rumble module inserted

depends on a user. i have seen people who use their phone for 4 year and it looks brand new still. and some people like to use it as a pocket brick. :man_shrugging:

I did a poll on the FB group and about 33% of people who answered had the bends

The bending and double triggers are two separate issues - the double trigs are not necessarily caused by bending.

I’m convinced that every OP-Z will develop double/multi-trigs if used enough. I’ve used mine HEAVILY over the last year+ and the issue has spread to nearly every button on the device. Even the top buttons on the OP-Z have some stick to them. Nothing was ever spilled into the OP-Z or anything like that - they just seem to get weak with use… the exact same thing happened to a few of my Pocket Operators. It absolutely sucks and has shown me that TE does not make products that are built to last.

I still love my OP-Z but I’d never purchase anything expensive from TE again.

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TE never claimed or implied that the po range or the opz is meant to be played like a piano, the op1 is meant more for that. As long as you press the buttons deliberately straight on then they should not double trigger… If you hit it at a angle or not a quick straight motion they can double trigger pretty bad… That is just a problem with this type of small button and even my calculator has the same problem… You ever try to input words with a tv remote and get all kinds of weird letters sometimes? Same thing…