OP-Z - Color Dial Falling out

The red Color Dial is falling out when i turn around the op-z. Is the a common problem? The dial is working good when in normal postion.

I have this issue as well, on the yellow dial. The resistance of the magnet will make it pop up slightly when I’m using it as well. I’ve seen others with the issue, but the only solution I’ve seen is to glue it back in place. If you pop it out completely, it looks like there was a little glue on it from the factory. That makes me pretty nervous… I don’t want to put too much glue on and seize it up, so I’m just dealing with the annoyance right now.

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Hi Mark, using glue is too risky. I already notified the shop where I bought it. I can live with it now, but what in a year? I found some posts on Reddit from op-z owners who have the same problem. It looks like a common problem. I have the latest revision, with the M for the master track. I wait for a answer from the shop, i will keep you notified.

So, I bucked up and used some super glue and fixed it. I pulled the dial out completely (the phone stand in the module slot made this easy), and used a q-tip to apply a VERY small amount of glue in the inside of the bearing. Popped the dial back in and made sure to rotate it while the glue was drying just in case any got somewhere it shouldn’t have been. 100% back to normal now. It’s a little nerve wracking, but just a tiny bit of glue so nothing can drip and you should be fine.

The place where I bought it offered to facilitate the warranty repair with TE, but after hearing how long TE can take on these things, I didn’t want to go through that.

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I highly suggest anyone with the encoder problem to get a replacement unit while still under warranty. I have a new one on the way.

My OP-Z is replaced for a new one under warrenty.

I wonder if the returned units are later fixed and sold as new or what…

I am sure that if they can repair it and have no visual damage, they sell it as new.

Except The V1 OPZ have different markings for the trig conditions so people would know if they were gettting old units. I hope they would fix them and sell as refurbished

I just got mine yesterday and this is happening with the first encoder. It seems to click sometimes when turning it when it pops back into place I think, but then pops back out. Annoying that this seems to be a persistent issue. TE got back to me very quickly need to send them a video.

I had exactly the same and got a new one.

Based on @benton thread, it seems like this issue may develop over time.

I had it on a new one. Already had 3 now, number 4 is good.

I will risk to put a drop of super glue, I’m abroad and very difficult to send items in and out of the country… Hope to get it fixed. I will let you know… I’m sorry I opened a new topic about this. Regards

You don’t have warranty anymore? Even when you are back home again?

Take care with glue!

Wow… very impressive. I’m not very mechanical and would be afraid try.
Luckily, have not had that problem. Knock on wood

In my case, all 4 dials are falling, what? maybe the OP-Z bent in my backpack? IDK… take a look:

Hi everyone, I managed to fix my four dials with “seal tape”. As seal tape for plumbing is very thin I used just a layer in each dial:

only a layer and that’s it… it’s fixed like new:

no glue,

Thanks regards



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thanks. just used this method. works great.