OP-Z Green Module Teaser in Computer-1 Announcement

Check it out! Green module teaser in the Computer-1 announcement photo on the TE site?


And also the schematics on the screen! I think they are linked. 2 jacks and HPOUTR and HPOUTL (Right/Left?)

Yeah good call! HeadPhones OUT L/R?

incoming stereo audio routed to the headphones? maybe a way to use the new I/O and have a stereo in jack or something, instead of relying on the headphone jack to be a dual function
(I don’t think that’s new news though, I recall seeing that the green module might have that functionality)

which schematics you refer to?


I see different images on the site with no schematics and a different view of the module.

That schematic has the word midi on.

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Looks like those are little feet that rotate down to support the middle so that it doesn’t bend. :rofl:

The schematic shows the headset symbole.

The good news is, looks like they are using the rumble style, ‘lego axle’ mechanism, not the oplab one. Can see the round pillar between the pins.



Looks somewhat complete, not a prototype.
Hopefully there will be an announcement soon.

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I’m really hopeful that a headphone/IO module would come with some software changes to make line-in sampling a little bit quicker – I can imagine one of the biggest use cases would be to use the main out for my headphones/monitor and then use the module output and input for resampling the output.

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Based on this glimpse of it, in the op-z app


Guessing this is the “Line Module” (ZM-3)
Is the “M” for monitor or headphones ?


So we expect this to be a stereo line in/out module, bringing the OP-Z to four analog outputs and potentially even five inputs (mic/line/USB)?

Count me in.

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I think it means mono/stereo. I think it is just line in, no line out on the module itself.

If the schematics really are those of the “line-module”, it might actualle have a headphonejack (HPOUR/HPOUTL). Perhaps the “M” is for “Mix” or “Master(-Out)” and the “S” is for “Sample” or “Stereo(-In)”. I’ve noticed that all jacks seem to have those tiny LEDs. Not sure why the audio-inputs/-outputs would need those, so perhaps there’s even more to those jacks?

I wonder if the whole “left section” is just the same as oplab’s MIDI-section? Would make sense for many purposes. But it would also mean that we get a module with half of the functionallity already given by the oplab. Hm.
In regard to that: oplab-module is now 127€ instead of 159€. Perhaps because it might be obsolete to non-CV-users soon and shares functionalities with the line module?


LEDs could be peak indicators so you know if you’re clipping the input or output?

Would be there some difference between this and irig2?

The iRig 2 only has a mono-input while this module might have (!) a stereo input (or two mono inputs via split-cable?). It will probably also give you an extra MIDI-in/out.
The module doesn’t block the OP-Zs audio jack which you might then use for further inputs/monitoring.
BUT: You can use the iRig 2 while using the wonderful rumble module :innocent:

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In the latest instamovie of Jonas Åberg he’s hiding the ports on his OP-Z, but at the end of the movie, you can see a tiny glimmer of green at the most right port! :slight_smile:

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