The new OP-Z i/o settings is AWESOME

Hi everyone!

Long time member(under a different account) but wanted to share this video with you. So made a new ”proper” one! :nerd_face:

I was not that impressed with the release notes on this firmware update for the OP-Z at first. But after thinking about it for a while I really started to come up with fun things to do using the new I/O page. So I decided to pretend to be a proper youtuber and made a video about it! :smiley:

New OP-Z i/o update is a GAME CHANGER

  • Have you tried using the new i/o page? *

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Thank you @Lowlandbeatz ! :smiley:
You’re pretty awesome too :wink:


Yeah, I’m loving the update. OP-Z is here to stay for me.


Glad to hear it! I’m excited for the future and have my fingers crossed for a new i/o module to go with this update and if they could turn the tape track into an optional sound on sound looper I would be a very happy guy! :partying_face:


Tape track as a live looper (with overdubs) would be amazing!


It would be a dream addition!! I mean, they have basically all the code and function from the OP-1 tape machine. Just have to reformat that into a easy to use live looper on the Z! But it bet that it’s surely not as easy to do as I would like it to be :sweat_smile:

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If you sync the OP-1 with the OP-Z, you can live loop into the OP-1 and feed it into the OP-Z’s tape track.


I like running the sequencer on the Z so I can sequence the Tape track while I play guitar into the Z. So it’s like having one of the hot new glitch pedals (Microcosm et al.) but you have more control. Then I record that into the OP-1.


I miss not having easy access to midi settings on the module track now, AFAICS the only way to change them is via the app or editing the midi config in storage mode.

To be honest I couldn’t really remember what the numbers would change and had to always use the app to refresh my memory.


activate midi perimeters menu.

or hold SCREEN+(triple click TEMPO)
will hold that perimeters menu.

in midi perimeters you can remap and mute using standard method

hold SCREEN+(triple click TEMPO)release+use first knob
modulate input volume.

in my demo im holding shift, but after experimenting i have realized that i dont have to hold shift for this :man_facepalming:


Seems there is a new update on the FW 1.2.40 with bug fixes. :v:


Update re-enabled access content mode on macOS big sur :ok_hand:t4:

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I am blanking big time here. Can someone tell me how to turn up the gain on the input of op-z? I know you hold one of the top buttons but for some reason my frustration at forgetting is keeping me from finding this info anywhere…

input volume lives now on track 14 (module)
the knobs filter, lfo, fx1,2, pan, and volume are controlled the same way as a regular instrument track (1-8)

but you can still adjust volume oldschool way by tilting op-z 90* and using “screen”->vol up and “tempo” ->vol down.

also in op-z app, in mixer interface, you can adjust input volume as well.

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Yeah I was looking for the old school way. Thanks!

That’s the big question though: what’s the best way to sync them? I know I can do it with my Kenton midi usb host but, is there a simpler way?

the Z is a USB MIDI HOST so theres no need for extra gear
just the proper mini USB to USB C cable or adapter

What @docshermsticks says. I connect them direct with a USB-C to miniUSB sync is rock solid.