A list of OP-Z guides, cheat sheets, apps and other resources

Original Reddit thread is here (there are two OP-Z subs now, and I’m the mod of this one haha). I’ve replaced some links with op-forums threads and users.

Guides and manuals

Cheat sheets

Compact cheat sheets (meant to fit on the back of your OP-Z)

Apps, web services, other OP-Z development

Discussion boards

Please add whatever I’ve missed, I’ll update the post. If you want to make me happy, paste lists of your favorite video tutorials because I’m already overwhelmed. I think we also need a list of popular case options, including 3D models. What else?


Thanks for mentioning my manual and cheat sheet! Reminds me of updating my PDF manual :sweat_smile: Although there have been no major updates to the texts since…

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thx for including my little thingie!

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I’m merely compiling the cool stuff you guys are creating.

I don’t see a way to edit the original post so I’ll add it as a comment:

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New cheatsheet: OP-Z Reference 1.2.28 by u/maskull

Also I see there’s a typo in the quickref sheets link (either this or the link has been changed), so here’s a working link to the Quickref sheets by @spongefile.

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